Flash 2 Pass Technologies

Open Sesame

1. The kit comes with a radio transmitter (black box), a wall-mounted receiver that replaces your pre-existing receiver (off-white box), or it can be piggybacked to the garage door opening unit itself, two Posi-Tap connectors (blue), and provided screws to mount the receiver to the garage walls and a zip-tie to mount the transmitter if necessary.

2. First off, because I don't have a wall-mounted unit in my garage thanks to the tightwads at my apartment community, I open my garage by way of wireless remote only. So I piggybacked the receiver to the garage-door unit itself. I made a trip to the local hardware store, bought some wire, and then mounted each wire to the back of the terminals on the Flash2Pass receiver (arrow).

3. I unplugged the garage door opener. Then I slipped the backing plate of the new receiver in place and wired the unit to the terminals on the garage door opener. Finally, I secured the receiver to the garage door opener with double-sided tape.

4.Once I had the headlamp out, I tapped the two headlamp wires to the new transmitter's wires with the blue Posi-Tap connectors. Then I tucked the new transmitter behind the bulb and it fit right in place. If it doesn't fit in your headlamp bucket, there are options to mount it elsewhere depending on your application. I then replaced the bulb back into the headlamp receptacle and tightened down the ring. Done!

5. Sure enough, with two flashes of the high beams, the system worked like a charm (I love that clich). No more digging through the backpack or jacket pocket in order to park my bike. Life just got a whole lot simpler.

Commuting to and from work on a motorcycle is a great. It saves time and money, and it really does make the workday that much more enjoyable. One thing about coming home from the grind is the fact that if the bike is parked in the garage the rider has to usually dig through his/her backpack, saddlebag, or fairing nook/cranny, looking for the remote in order to open said garage whenever he/she gets home. It might not be that big of a nuisance but in the never-ending quest to save time, seconds are precious.

This is where Flash2Pass Technologies ($79.95) comes into play. This system works just like a garage door opening remote control, only its transmitter is tapped into the headlight wiring (varies depending on year/make/model), and its receiver either replaces the pre-existing wall-mounted receiver, or can be piggybacked to the garage door opening unit itself (on the ceiling). Once installed, with two flashes of the high beams...it's open sesame.