The F Word

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One of the highlights of building a motorcycle—apart from riding the tar out of it once you’re done piecing it together—is the search for cool parts for the project. Maybe it’s because there is a lot of time, emotion, and money invested. And once that exact part is scored, it’s hard to put it in words how special that moment is.

The parts search also covers the entire spectrum of feelings. Yep. I said the F-word. But, I’m getting older so opinions don’t matter as much as they once did (I smoked non-filter Camels when I was 14 because I desperately needed attention). My wife constantly tells me that men lack emotions.

I beg to differ. For instance, I was ready to give up searching for a certain part because I was frustrated (I think that’s one of them emotion thingys) because no matter where I looked I couldn’t seem to find it. Then, of course, I found it. I was ecstatic! I told my wife the news and she thought I was ridiculous for being so excited. I danced the Jig just as I normally do when I get excited. She asked why I never got jazzed when she wanted to talk about feelings or emotions, but I was too busy counting my Jig steps to know what she was talking about. I mean, the late nights scouring the internet, the multiple phone calls and emails to friends in the industry; it finally paid off! And there I was, trying to connect with my special lady, and I got the emotional door slammed in my face. You just can’t win!

The next time you’re in the market for a project bike and the only roadblock restricting you from buying it is your better half, just tell her that you’re trying to get in touch with your feminine side.

Bye for now…

“The parts search also covers the entire spectrum of feelings. Yep. I said the F-word.”