The Evolution Of A Custom 2004 Harley-Davidson Road King

Tracy Henry Evolves From Pedal Power to Big Boy Toys

Starting from early on as a kid, many of our motorcycle riding careers start off with a two-wheel pedal type. We often pretend that our BMXs, 10-speeds, and mountain bikes have a motor packed between the frame rails as we race up and down the neighborhood. For Tracy Henry, he too started down the two-wheel path on a bicycle and quickly moved on from there. Tracy explains, “As a kid growing up watching the older guys in my neighborhood riding dirt bikes, me and my childhood friends, that I call my brothers, used to imitate the guys by jumping off the curb making motorcycle sounds like ‘nee-nee-nee.’ We had a passion for motorcycles, but we had to settle for bicycles.”

As we get older and our disposable incomes go up from side jobs and paper routes, so do our machines, but the source of the passion remains the same. The next logical step from a pedal bike involves a small motor and some knobby tires. Tracy was no different. “One Christmas, some of my friends got RM 60s and RM 80s and we all started riding them in the same canyon we used to ride our bicycles. Over a period of time, we all ended up with motorcycles of our own and started competing against each other to see who was the best. From there the trouble came as we started getting chased by the police because we took the dirt to the streets.” Years later, Tracy finally graduated to full street bikes and eventually found his way to a loud and proud ground-pounder. “In the early ’90s, one of our friends decided to get a KZ1000. So we all started getting into street bikes. In 2008, we traveled to Los Angeles and went to a motorcycle dance by Rarebreed MC. They all had H-D baggers fixed all up with candy paint and big rims and music and that struck a nerve.

I told one of my friends, ‘Let’s get some baggers and start a club.’”

About this time in most riders’ two-wheel journey, significant others and the daily grind of adulthood starts to play a factor in our decision making. Thankfully for Tracy, all it took was a few cocktails to get the bike you see here underway. “In 2009, I bought a 2004 Road King FLHR with an 88 cubic-inch motor. I road my motorcycle for about a year and a half before I started to feel like it wasn’t enough, so I decided to do my motor. So me and my wife went to Los Angeles to the Candy Shop to see how much it was going to cost just to get the motor work done, but before we could say anything about price, I had noticed my wife had drank a few cocktails with the fellas and started talking about breaking the whole bike down to the frame and, ‘Going hard or going home.’

Now 2-1/2 years later, the finished project, called the Beast was finished. It was a long time coming, but was worth the wait. Now that it’s all done, I’m satisfied with all my hard work and effort I put into it. I couldn’t have gotten here any other way.” See fellas. A few drinks can go a long way. Well played, Tracy. Well played.

Owner Tracy Henry
Shop Candy Shop
Shop Phone (310) 877-3080
Year/Make/Model 2004/Harley Davidson/Road King
Fabrication Candy Shop
Build Time 2-1/2 years
Year/Type/Size 2004 five-speed 117 ci
Builder Gene at Gasoline Station
Cases H-D Polished
Cylinders S&S
Heads H-D Diamond Cut
Rocker Boxes RSD
Cams R&R RSD Cam Cover
Throttle Body Horse Power Ink
Air Cleaner Arlen Ness
EFI Controller Screamin’ Eagle
Exhaust D&D Borzilla
Year/Type 2004 five-speed
Clutch AIM V-P
Year/Type 2004 H-D
Suspension Progressive
Frontend Arlen Ness, Diamond Cut Fork Boots
Swingarm H-D Chrome
Rear Shocks Progressive
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Builder/Size Arlen Ness-23x3.50-G3
Tire/Size Avon Venom-130/60R23-65V
Calipers Performance Machine
Rotors Arlen Ness
Builder/Size Arlen Ness-18x3.5-G3
Tire/Size Avon Venom-X150/70B18-70V
Caliper Performance Machine
Rotor Arlen Ness
Pulley Arlen Ness
Manufacturer Paint Worx
Colors Lime Green
Paint/Graphics Blue/Yellow/Silver
Plating/Polishing California Plating
Powdercoating El Dorado Sandblasting
Front Fender Conley’s
Dash Arlen Ness
Gauges So*Cal
Handlebars Handle Bar Lee
Grips Battistini
Mirrors Arlen Ness
Hand Controls Arlen Ness
Foot Controls Battistini
Floorboards Battistini
Headlight Head Wind
License Mount Arlen Ness
Seat Corbin
Derby RSD
Kickstand Chrome Wolf Paw