Rolling Deep 4 Charities

10th Annual Rosarito Harley Run

For a decade Rolling Deep 4 Charities has been making the annual trek across the American border to help those less fortunate. For ten years, they have been working closely orphanages and charities in Rosarito Beach, Mexico to provide them with school supplies, food and clothing.

The Rosarito Harley Run has several meeting spots and pick up points starting out at Laidlaw’s Harley in Baldwin Park, CA. The next stop is at Quaid Temecula Harley with the final jump off point at Sweet Water Harley in National City. This year’s event was expanded to include a second day ride into Mexico leaving on Saturday.

Rosarito Beach is a small beach side town roughly ½ hour past the border. Riding in mean streets of Mexico can be nothing short of an adventure, but the event works closely with the Mexican Police to provide them with a guided escort all the way to the main head quarters of Papa’s and Beer.

Once arriving safely in Rosarito, it was time to park the bikes at the Rosarito Beach Hotel and head over for some truly good time. What happens in Rosarito, typical ends up on social media, and this year’s happenings didn’t disappoint. Sure the annual wet t-shirt contest was a hit with the men, but this year the hot man dance off was just for the ladies. Further proof that skinny guys are out this summer, a nicely large and in-charge man took home the hot man award.

All fun aside, the real reason for the run took place on Saturday where a entire truckload full of toys, food, school supplies and clothing was donated to the local charities that waited several hours in the summer heat. At the end of the day, this run is about good people doing good things and that’s what makes it special. Sunday morning it’s time to shake off the previous days buzz, hop back on the bike and head on home. With ten years behind them putting on a incident free run, let’s hope that can only mean one thing... ten more years. Viva la Rosarito Harley Run.