The Race of Gentlemen / Photo Gallery

Saturday's action on the beach in New Jersey

The 2014 edition of The Race of Gentlemen put on by the fine folks at the Oilers CC/MC got off to a thundering start on Saturday as pre-1948 tank shift only motorcycles and the men piloting them raced down the Wildwood, New Jersey shoreline without fear of bodily harm or the ever encroaching waves.

A full day of racing these bikes along with pre-war cars had the crowds hooting an hollering. Along with the previous nights car / bike show /concert and continued racing on Sunday, this event has the makings for an awesome horsepower fed weekend that any and all types of gearheads can enjoy and is not to be missed.

Look for a king-sized photo gallery on Monday of the entire weekends festivities along with a video of all the good times later in the week!