EFI/Electronic Buyer's Guide

Bassani EFI Tuner $249.95
Made for all fuel-injected Harley models, the unit installs in line with the stock module and allows you to maintain and optimize air/fuel management when installing high-performance exhaust systemsPlug and play set-up that installs in minutes and does not require a computer to adjust the EFI and does not interfere with the stock ECU mapTuner incorporates the latest third-generation technology with integrated face plate buttons for easy adjustment

For more information, contact Bassani at (866) 439-4287, or visit

Biker's Choice Rectifying Regulators Contact For Price
With full voltage, regulator won't dump the current to ground, which improves horsepower and helps make engine run cooler Rectifying Regulators block the current, allowing your stator to freewheel, which causes less wear and tear on your charging system Fits all late model bikes

For more information, contact Biker's Choice at , or contact your local dealer.

Custom Cycle Engineering Magneto Coil Housing $299
Housing wrapped around a classic Wico magneto cover Housing bolts up to the generator location and hides a common 12V motorcycle coil Looks like you are running a Wico magneto cover, but there is a coil hidden away behind the cap

For more information, contact Custom Cycle Engineering at (800) 472-9253, or visit

Drag Specialties S&S; Fuel Pump $549.95
Pump can be mounted in nearly any tankHollow mounting bolts secure the pump flange to the bottom of the tank and provide an outlet for wiring and pressurized fuel In-tank fiber filter prevents contaminants from damaging the pump or clogging fuel injectors Kit contains pump, in-tank filter, inlet hose, mounting hardware, and instructions

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Dakota Digital MCL-5100 Digital Speedometer $349.95
Features include a 0-255 mph/km/h adjustable speedometer with odometer and trip meter Also included are indicators for left and right turn, high beam, neutral, low oil pressure, and check engine Covered by a 24 month warranty against manufacturer defects

For more information, contact Dakota Digital at (800) 852-3228, or visit

Vance and Hines Fuelpak $279.95
Fuel management system designed for multiple EFI Harley-Davidson models, especially for '08 Harley Touring modelsPlugs directly into the factory wiring harness and ECU using a t-tap and OEM-style connectors to stay fastened to your bike Can add and take away fuel as needed Designed and manufactured in the USA

For more information, contact Vance and Hines at (562) 921-0071, or visit

Spyke AIS High Performance Ignition Dual Fire $227.50, Single Fire $273
Acculight Ignition System (AIS) uses optical sensors for extreme spark stability Produces up to three sparks per compression stroke that are precisely and individually timedAvailable in single or dual-fire models

For more information, contact Spyke at (562) 803-1700, or visit

Johnson Engine Technology (JET)Throttle Body 48mm $169.95, 51mm $369.95
Available in 48mm and 51mm upgrades for '05 to present EFI Twin Cams(excluding '08 FLHs) 48mm High-Flow (2mm bigger) is bored and ported and flows 241 CFM, a 22 CFM increase over stock; the 51mm High-Velocity is bored, and has ports that are reshaped using high-tech epoxy to give it the proper taper and architecture The 51mm High-Velocity flows 257 CFM

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Daytona Twin Tec TFCI GEN III Fuel Injection Controller $874.95
Simultaneously auto-tunes fuel curves for front and rear cylinders under actual riding conditions with new WEGO IIID dual-channel wide-band oxygen sensor interface Controller is a fully programmable plug-in replacement for a Delphi controller Full support for SAE J1850 data bus used on '04-'08 models (except '08 touring models with electronic throttle control) for communications between the engine control module, instrument cluster, turn signal/security module, and diagnostic scan tools

For more information, contact Daytona Twin Tec at

Bulletpruf 32 AMP Charging Systems $165-$179
Direct replacement for OEM charging systems Voltage regulator carries a Lifetime warranty Fits '70-'99 Big Twins

For more information, contact MC Advantages at (800) 726-9620, or visit http://www.mcadvantages.com

Wire Plus Custom FitEFI Wiring Harness $392
Wiring harness is available for use with stock or aftermarket ignition modules Connects to all the sensors that your motor needs for optimal efficiency Works with all model bikes that come equipped with electronic fuel injection

For more information, contact Wire Plus at (620) 221-2417, or visit

Pro One Wiring Solutions $399.95
These packaged kits were designed for use with one-piece tanks and are available for use with or without stock handlebar switches A variety of styles incorporate features including key switch, neutral light, high-low beam switch and start button Available in Millennium Chrome Billet and Chrome Steel Rectangular styles

For more information, contact Pro-One at (800) 884-4173, or visit