Ed Hardy Motorcycle Helmets

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Who: Ed Hardy Helmets By Christian Audigier
What: Motorcycle Helmets
Wear: Best known for his bright and colorful tattoo designs, Ed Hardy has teamed up with noteworthy French designer Christian Audigier to combine their love of flash and style and bring it to the motorcycle world with the release of these new helmets. You can't go to any Hollywood hot spot without seeing one of the Ed Hardy brands on someone's head, shoulders, or butt. The designs are easy to spot, with bright colors mixed with skulls and dragons along with snakes and daggers. Hardy has retired from doing actual tattoos, but now concentrates on tattoo and non-tattoo based art forms, printmaking, drawing, and painting all the things that can be transformed to clothing. In 2004, Christian Audigier licensed the rights to produce the Ed Hardy clothing line, which is based on Hardy's imagery and trademarks.

Christian wanted to expand the reach of the Ed Hardy brands into the motorcycle world with the one thing that he felt every rider should use, so Ed Hardy Helmets by Christian Audigier was born. The new helmets found a way to bring old school tattoo designs combined with modern day technology in helmet safety. The helmet line used is from KBC Performance Helmets and offers quality safety with both DOT and Snell standards.

The Nomad Cruiser (black)
The Nomad Cruiser (white)

The Nomad is a half shell cap style helmet that's DOT approved and designed for the rider that is looking for a way to get the wind in their face with style. The Nomad comes in a black or white shell with four different designs to choose from. The Death or Glory, Do or Die, Dead or Alive, or Born Free (shown here). The interior is removable and washable, and comes with a padding system that can be custom fitted for comfort. The fiberglass shell comes in sizes from XS up to XXL.

The Open Face

The open face is a classic three-quarter shell with adjustable padding for a custom fit, with a removable and washable interior. This helmet is perfect for the rider that is still looking for the wind in your face ride but would like a bit more coverage over the ears. This shell is offered in black finish with four different tattoo designs and this race ready retro design as well. The open face is also a fiberglass shell and meets DOT safety standards and comes in sizes from S to XXL.

The Roadster VR-2R

The Roadster is a performance designed racing helmet for street and track. The Roadster is a full-face shell offered in white or black with two different graphic designs: the Pirates or the Flaming Tiger. The eye aperture, strap positions, and shell ergonomics have been designed to provide increased peripheral vision. The viser shield is optically correct, scratch resistant, and seals securely when closed. The roadster has a removable and washable genuine Savoire Suede liner with customizable padding system for comfort. Also meets Snell/DOT standards and comes in sizes from XS up to XXL.