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East Meets West Twin Cam FXR

North Carolina shop builds a mini-bagger FXR with a Twin Cam

It might come as a surprise that the last engine drag racing legend Ray Price ever built now resides in an FXR—not a dragbike.

Harley-Davidson record-setting drag racer Ray Price opened up a shop, Precision Cycle, in 1973. It later turned into Ray Price Harley-Davidson of Raleigh, North Carolina. Ray was known for developing the first motorcycle wheelie bar and two-speed drag racing transmission. He passed away in 2015, but his shop lives on as Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson, with the same crew running day-to-day operations.

Price was still building engines all the way up until he got hurt drag racing at the age of 65. One of the last engines he put together was a Twin Cam, set up to be a powerful daily rider. That engine sat on the shelf for several years after Ray’s death, until General Manager Mark Hendrix and team came up with an idea. The shop’s local Drag Specialties rep happened to have an FXR frame laying in his garage, “and we thought this sounds like a good project,” Mark said.

1990 FXR

Despite being built on the East Coast, Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson General Manager Mark Hendrix admits the bike has a West Coast influence, with tall bars, fairing, and paint. The bike currently resides in Germany.

Shooters Images/Don Kates

The engine was already built using S&S Evolution cases, so the team could use the stock FXR frame with no modifications. The 2006 Twin Cam features Screamin’ Eagle 10.25:1 pistons, Leineweber T35 cams, and stock H-D heads with porting and polishing work done by Ray. It’s topped with an S&S Super G carb and velocity stack.

“It’s special to us,” Mark said. All of the motors Ray built had hand-stamped RPP (Ray Price Performance) inside the engine. “So down the line if someone ever takes it apart, they’ll find Ray’s mark.”

1990 FXR

This 1990 FXR took only three months to complete and was built in 2016 by Ray Price Harley-Davidson, now known as Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson.

Shooters Images/Don Kates

Big Bear Choppers fairing

"We wanted to pay homage to the FXR touring bikes,” Mark said about the Big Bear Choppers fairing.

Shooters Images/Don Kates


The exhaust is courtesy of Steve’s Precision Fabrication of Carlsbad, California.

Shooters Images/Don Kates

S&S Evolution cases

Unlike on other late-model-powertrain FXRs, the frame could be left untouched, as the cases are S&S Evolution cases with Twin Cam internals.

Shooters Images/Don Kates

Lyndall Brakes

Lyndall Brakes supplied the custom billet wheels (19-inch front and 18-inch rear) and matching rotors, with Performance Machine calipers. The wheels are wrapped in Pirelli Night Dragon tires.

Shooters Images/Don Kates

Lyndall Brakes sprocket

The final drive is a Lyndall Brakes sprocket with RK chain.

Shooters Images/Don Kates


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