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Stimulate Your Mind, ManSome people are visual learners and get it right the first time, while others need hands-on training and a bit of practice to make perfect. Then we have the generation DIY-ers who can watch a TV program and whip up a gourmet feast for a king, or follow a how-to book and build his palace. For all you how-to-ers who are motorcycle enthusiasts, Motorbooks presents How to Build a Harley-Davidson Torque Monster by Bill Rook. Hot-rodding H-Ds since 1972 and a lifetime HOG member, Bill applies his 35 years of knowledge and condenses it into this book.Where is the thrill of the ride found for you? "Since high-end horsepower and low-end torque are mutually exclusive, this book focuses on real-world power: low-end torque." What's cool about this read is Bill explains the build in a conversational manner and provides diagrams and photos to clearly illustrate what's going on. From intake and exhaust tuning to cam selection, ignition, and electrical modification to gearing changes, this book "explains how to put together a Harley that you can comfortably live with during the day but that will still smoke people at night." For more information about these books and other Motorbooks publications, visit www.motorbooks.com, or contact(800) 826-6600. HB

Get the Full StorySomebody out there, probably even as this was being written, went out and bought a Harley and leathers, gave himself a badass road-dog biker name, and tried to act the part, without having a clue about the history of motorcycles or the bike just purchased. It's sad but true, and if by chance you're one of these people who could stand to learn and appreciate a short-and-sweet resource of Harley-Davidson's history, then this book will provide you with the basic knowledge of the standout models of the last 100 years.Harley-Davidson from the Gallery Series, a Motorbooks publication and imprint of MBI Publishing, was written by Doug Mitchel, a longtime writer and photographer specializing in Harleys. From the early single-cylinders of the 1900s to today's fusion of power and style of the V-Rods and Softails, this book covers decades of original Harleys, customs, and new rides, while giving you the story behind each bike. With more than 250 crisp color photos of each bike, including detailed images of the parts as well as trivia, tech specs, and more, this book is an all-around useful resource for Harley novices and longtime fans.

"Meet the Librarian" is your chance to send in media-books, DVDs, books on tape, eight-tracks, whatever-related to the motorcycle industry. Your material(s) will be checked in and reviewed by yours truly, then safeguarded on our shelves. This could be your space below. Drop your media in the slot addressed to:Meet the Librarian, HOT BIKE, 2570 E. Cerritos Ave., Anaheim, CA 92806.