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Metalsport/Vee Rubber Wheel Install

On a cold and grey morning, our buddy, Russel Collins, called us and wanted to know if we were interested in shooting a tech article on a set of Metalsport wheels going onto his buddy’s 2012 Harley-Davidson Road Glide. When we were hipped to the fact that they were Metalsport’s Dallas wheels in 21x3.25 front and 17x6.25 rear, we were intrigued. Russel then told us that the wheels were to be shod with a set of 120/70/21 front and 200/55/17 rear Vee Rubber tires. How could we say no?

The Metalsport Dallas is a nine-spoke custom 2-D machined wheel with either a full-chrome or black and silver contrasting machined finish. The rather smart-looking wheels are available in 18-, 21-, 23-, 26-inch sizes and yes, even in the mammoth 30-inch variety.

Vee Rubber is a pretty new name in the bagger bike game, but it has been making tires for other types of motorized vehicles for a very long time. With the testing we have done, we have found that Vee Rubber’s tricked-out touring tires to mount, ride, and wear very well.

Once the parts were all rounded up and the date was set, we took the bike to none other than Matt Cortez Cycles. We anxiously hung back with a camera while the extensively educated man did his handywork. What you see before you is the outcome.


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