Drayko Holeshot Style Jeans get global recognition

Jeans get award

drayko jeans

Probably not the best way to ride a motorcycle...

Courtesy of Drayko Jeans

Material blend jeans that are as tough as leather, have again caught the attention of some of the most reputable design judges in the world. Translation? The world has caught up to what many of us have known for years - Melbourne's own Drayko Jeans are among the top product designs on the globe.

The family owned company, serving bikers and the fashion conscious around the world, has received a prized 'Best of the Best' for its game changing Holeshot jean. And when we say 'game changing' we mean it. The Holeshot jean is revolutionary, is tried and tested and has the ability to withstand the rider/ground abrasion experienced during a motorbike fall. Holeshot is placed at the forefront of national design, now confirmed by the International awards announced this week.

The Holeshot design, is the world's best CE Approved Level 2, and uses only the world's best fibers with a military grade DuPont® Kevlar™ and Dyneema, known as the world's strongest, in its mix to make it tougher than every other product of its type, in the market today.

Highly relevant to the German Design Council is passion and at Drayko the passion for motorcycle protective clothing oozes from its CEO Grant Mackintosh to every level of the organisation. There are not many CEOs that can say they literally put their butt on the line to prove their product. Today Drayko has proven itself with more scientific testing to substantiate the claims. As for 'coolness', well the jeans look like a pair of fashion jeans with protective lining seamlessly fitted - how cool is that!

Drayko Jeans CEO, Grant Mackintosh, explains the brand's motivation behind its recent direction, "We want to offer our customers designs that look and feel just as good their regular jeans. The Holeshot form part of our innovative 'next-gen' range that retains the market-leading protective qualities Drayko is renowned for, while raising the bar for design and fit."

Drayko is distributed by Western Power Sports and HardDrive, making the access and availability within one days shipping time to most U.S. motorcycle dealers.