Drag Specialties Matte Black Cam Covers

Making a darker, grittier motorcycle

custom harley cam cover

Black is the new black.

Courtesy of Drag Specialties

Blacked out or chromed? It's a question bike owners have asked themselves from time to time. While some of us are diehard fans one way or the other on that subject, some of us like to change up the look completely when starting a new project. Whether you go shiny or stealthy is up to you, but it's good to know that either way, the aftermarket has you covered. Speaking of which, Drag Specialties keeps all the details covered, like their Matte Black Cam Covers. Accepting OEM gaskets and mounting hardware, these bolt-on covers will give your ride that added matte black touch you’ve been looking for. The matte black cam covers are available for 2001-2016 Twin Cam models without cam positioning sensor or1999-2000 Twin Cam and 2001 EFI Harley-Davidson Dresser models. The suggested retail price is $114.95.

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