Disposable Gloves: The Quiet Heroes Of The Motorcycle Shop

You may not regard disposable gloves as necessary, but trying is believing.

Disposable gloves for maintenance

When you’re handling sprays, chemicals, gas, or cleaners, or working on dirty, dusty, or greasy assemblies, there’s no better workmate than a handy pair of disposable gloves. Often inexpensive and packaged 100 per box, there’s simply no excuse for not keeping some around.


Stash a box of disposable gloves next to your toolbox or in your truck, and here’s what you will and won’t get. First, you’ll trend toward better long-term health because your organs will absorb less gasoline and oil—and fewer chemicals and cleaners—during your work years. And then, regarding what you won’t get, that’s simple: You won’t get nearly as much grease, oil, dirt, and grime on your mitts when you’re up to your elbows in brake-pad replacement, oil, and filter changes, or cleaning and detailing your ride. Disposable gloves are just that—disposable after each use—and so by nature they’re thinner and less durable than reusable mechanics gloves. But their lighter-duty calling offers an advantage too, including excellent feel for fine parts, assemblies, and tools. Plus, in the product range shown here, gloves come 100 to 200 per box—plenty to go around.

Great Grip, Great Price

GlovePlus Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves

Enjoy a new, more pleasant wrenching experience that’s free from oil, grease, gasoline, chemicals, and cleaners on your hands.


Sold in boxes of 100, GlovePlus Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves make it quick, convenient, and inexpensive to take care of your hands and health while working on your machine. These disposable powder-free gloves are 5 millimeters thick and feature a fully textured grip, helping your dexterity with tools and parts. The industrial-grade gloves are highly elastic for a snug fit and better feel, and are both chemical and puncture resistant. They are also latex free, making them a safe choice for those who are allergic to the material. Affordably priced, they come in small, medium, large, extra-large, and XXL sizes.

Perfect for Mechanics

Microflex MK-296 Black Disposable Nitrile Gloves, Latex-Free, Powder-Free Glove for Mechanics, Automotive, Cleaning or Tattoo Applications, Medical/Exam Grade, Size Medium, Box of 100 Units

Whether you are dealing with motorcycle maintenance or cleaning up afterward these gloves provide powerful grip.


As far as work gloves go, a nitrile one is great for the mechanic. This glove’s nitrile formula offers a “higher tensile strength and exceptional flexibility that allows hands to move freely and comfortably,” so the manufacturer says. The textured glove provides grip even when wet, which is preferred when handling fluids, but it can also work well in dry circumstances as well.

Significant Stretch

Industrial Grade Disposable Nitrile Gloves - Powder-Free, Heavy Duty, Disposable for Professional, Healthcare, Medical, Food Handling, 5 MIL, Large, Black, Pack of 100

Aside from the durability, these also feature textured fingers that help maintain grip throughout the oil change.


Allergic reactions and puncture prone, a latex glove is not as user-friendly as a nitrile glove like this one. This glove is heavy duty for you to be, as the manufacturer states, “without fear of puncture.” The ambidextrous design make it quick and easy to put on either hand and the amount of stretch makes it suitable for both men and women.