Dirico Motorcycles to debut the 2011 ProStreet Roadster and HeartBreaker at V-Twin Expo

Dirico Motorcycles to debut the 2011 ProStreet Roadster and HeartBreaker at V-Twin Expo - Hot Bike Magazine

**[January 26, 2011, City, State] ** Dirico Motorcycles is set to launch two new motorcycles for 2011 at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati on February 5th through 7th. The ProStreet Roadster and the HeartBreaker will be displayed at the Metzeler booth. Dirico representatives will be available to discuss these two new motorcycles of exceptional design.

The ProStreet Roadster offers exceptional back roads handling and extreme comfort for the long haul. "This is an incredible ride. We carefully research all manufacturers to select the most thoroughly designed and tested components in addition to fabricating our own parts," explains Mark Dirico inventor and engineer and name-sake of Dirico Motorcycles. "Our frame is carefully designed to provide a perfect foundation for each component to operate for its intended purpose so that the rider has the utmost confidence in their riding experience on our motorcycles." The sleek and tightly balanced design makes this a versatile and smooth ride of uncompromising quality.

The HeartBreaker is exclusively stylized and designed for the female motorcycle rider and features detailed form and function to deliver an exquisite riding experience. "A great deal of research went into designing this bike. We consulted with a variety of female riders to accomplish the build and perfect the design," said Dirico, "and we've created a well-balanced, easy to handle bike that is mechanically sound and very solid to ride." Customized options available for the HeartBreaker include seat and handlebar styles and choice of engine size that suits the customer's riding needs. Anti-lock brakes are also an option.

A must-see, both motorcycles are a combination of breathtaking style and supreme engineering. "What's great about our bikes is that we have very low service calls because we build our bikes to last and we build them to ride long distances and on various road conditions," says Dirico.

Music innovator Steven Tyler and master inventor Mark Dirico merged their respective art forms to create Dirico Motorcycles, USA. Designed and hand built for high performance, Dirico manufactures seamless, practical, functional and balanced motorcycles.