DEI Flexible Pipe Shield

Heat Killer

  1. Here’s the Flexible Pipe Shield kit from DEI. It’s both simple and effective.
  1. On the backside of the shield you can see the four points where the exhaust clamps attach to it.
  1. It’s a very simple process threading the clamps though the mounts.
  1. Then the clamps are installed around this Softail’s exhaust and tightened.
  1. With the pipe already done up with the DEI exhaust wrap, we opted for even more cooling with the Flexible Pipe Shield, and it worked!
  1. This custom Sportster high pipe has been a source of torture since the day we fabbed it up.
  1. With the DEI Flexible Heat Shield installed there is virtually no more leg burning. A simple solution for a common problem.

Nobody likes getting burned. Whether it’s at the car dealership, the horse track, or on your right leg, feeling the burn sucks big time.

We build and use a lot of custom pipes, and sometimes heat shields, pipe wrap, and ceramic coating are just not enough to fight the heat.

Take for instance these two bikes: one a Softail with a twisty “hot rod” exhaust and forward controls and the other a Sportster with a high pipe and midcontrols.

Both of these bikes have rider issues with heat, so we decided to put Design Engineering Inc.’s (DEI) Flexible Pipe Shield kit to the test. The shields are made from heat-resistant textiles that have a snazzy carbon-fiber look to them. The units quickly and easily bolted to each of the bike’s pipes with two DEI-supplied exhaust clamps that come in the kit. Once the bikes were warmed up and ridden for a few miles in stop-and-go traffic, we noticed right away that these heat shields kept our legs cool and our pants from burning like the two pairs of jeans that had been sacrificed before we installed the Flexible Pipe Shield. Very impressive, indeed.

If you are in need of some pipe cooling solutions, you just may want to check out the offerings from DEI; we are sure glad that we did.


Design Engineering Inc.