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A Dark Horse Under The Gun

1901 Customs customizes an Indian motorcycle in two weeks

Coastal Indian (a.k.a. 1901 Customs) has been selling and building custom Victory and Indian motorcycles since 2004. Located in Murrells Inlet (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina), it serves major rallies with custom parts as well as performance with its unique Dyno Lounge.

What you have here was once a brand-new stock Indian Motorcycle Dark Horse. Obviously this is no longer the case or you’d be seeing some other bike in its place. Each year the shop creates several bikes and starts off its moto season as many of us do: with the pilgrimage to Daytona Beach.

And, like many of the rest of us, the 1901 Customs folks were under the gun to get bikes ready to show and go. This Dark Horse was completed in two weeks, which isn’t a whole lot of time to go from stock to finished. Did Coastal make great use of that time? Have a look and judge for yourself.

LED headlights

1901 Customs added its own LED headlight.

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Dark Horse custom paint

Paint on the tank and bags breaks up the darkness a little so it’s not all one big shadow.

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Klock Werks tinted windshield

A Klock Werks tinted windshield is up top.

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1901 Customs cover

Taking a closer look at the 1901 Customs cover.

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19-inch Performance Machine wheels

These 19-inch Performance Machine wheels add style but definitely aren’t in big-wheel territory.

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solo motorcycle seat

Classic style defines the solo seat.

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Indian floorboards

The shop went with Indian floorboards to keep it baggerish.

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Dark horse motor

Dark and light collide for a contrast look to the motor.

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Dark horse gas tank custom paint

Rusty Nash and Mick Forrest took care of the paint and stripes.

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