DA Performance’s Bar-Hopper Harley-Davidson Bagger

Taking a Harley-Davidson from copper to badass scofflaw

DA Performance sure took all the law enforcement out of this 2009 Harley-Davidson cop bike, didn't it? This isn’t the sort of H-D we’re used to seeing Johnny Law cruising around town on, to be sure.

It had the same start as most project police iron though. The bike was picked up at auction at the end of its service life by someone looking to make a killer custom bagger. That part didn’t go so well; its new owner didn’t have the time to really do the bike justice in its new life. This is where DA Performance came into play; the shop picked it up, then worked considerable magic in transforming it into a long, low lay-frame bar-hopper.

Its heart is a 110-inch CVO Twin Cam set in a Chassis Design Company lay-frame chassis that’s the foundation for the long, low stance. It also kicks the rake out to run the 30-inch Inflictor from Mad Wheels, set in an Arlen Ness front end with Ballistic strut system and Misfit Industries trees. That’s a whole lotta aftermarket in the rolling chassis department!

The same is true for that powerplant too. While 110 inches of American-made displacement isn’t unusual in a V-twin these days, the Trask Performance turbo kit living pipe-side on this bagger isn’t police issue or stock H-D by any stretch of the imagination. DA Performance tells us this mean machine cranks out 193 hp and 187 pound-feet of torque. That’ll get you from bar to bar real quick…

DA Performance custom Harley-Davidson bagger

DA Performance’s cop conversion doesn’t come cheap. Why would it? This isn’t a kit bike from a catalog.

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Screamin Eagle V-twin

The guts were blacked out but, wait, there’s more. Breathing is entirely up to parts from Trask Performance, and the Screamin’ Eagle V-twin’s also been ported by WFO Larry.

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Stretched Speed by Design saddlebags

Stretched Speed by Design saddlebags pull the profile out even further.

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Hertz SPL speakers

If you think “Go big or go home” only applies to the motor in this machine, you’d be wrong. Hertz SPL speakers with a 1,000-watt amp bust out the tunes loud and proud as needed.

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Gashole Garage stretched tank

The Gashole Garage stretched tank with Yaffe dash looks poured onto the frame.

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Daymaker headlight

That smooth Misfit nacelle houses a Daymaker headlight.

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JP Customs custom purple paint

JP Customs went to town all over this bike with the purple and graphics.

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Battistini foot controls and floorboards

Stylish Battistini foot controls and floorboards look great on this bike, but check out the open primary.

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Speed by Design fender on 2009 Harley-Davidson

Is anyone surprised by how smoothly the Speed by Design fender fits in with the saddlebags? Me neither.

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