Cruiserworks Brings Boot Production Back to The USA

Cruiserworks has found funding for our production and they are in full swing to produce its boots in the USA.

Cruiserworks Brings Boot Production Back to The USA - Street Chopper Magazine

Cruiserworks has found funding for our production and they are in full swing to produce its boots in the USA. Everything about the boot will be produced domestically and under the guidance of Weinbrenner Shoe Co. Cruiserworks owners have toured their factories and can attest Weinbrenner produce their footwear with American pride which means quality! Cruiserworks is putting a boot in production every 2 weeks from now until Christmas! Weinbrenner will also handle the production of the Rhino-Lite outsole for the boots. The outsoles are made using injection molds.

We here at Street Chopper are proud of what Cruiserworks have accomplished in bringing its production to the United States and can't commend them enough for bringing jobs back to our shores.

Sources at Cruiserworks told us that it will be late January 2011 before the USA made Cruiserboots will be readily in stock. Though we have not confirmed the prices on the whole line, it is obvious that made in the USA will cost a little more. You get what you pay for as the saying goes!

Owners Cara and Jay Crawford had this to say about the new boots;

"The USA-made Cruiserboots will provide everything you need on and off the bike and we stand behind the boots 100%. We have a generous return policy on internet orders and Jay and I will assist you with sizing personally. We have fitted people in hundreds of boots and have shined twice as many! We guarantee customer satisfaction. We took this opportunity of moving the production to make a few improvements to our great Cruiserboots that we would like to share.

There will be a pull strap on the back of ALL boots men's and women. We also added nylon "inside" the loop for added strength when pulling the boots on. All boots will have a heel spur on the inside. Heel spurs are a piece of leather that is sewn in at the back inside of boots. It comes up from the heel about 4". The purpose is to prevent the lining from tearing at the back seam due to the friction of pulling the boots on and off. This is a high stress area in all boots.

We chose to use pig skin for the heel spur and turn it so the rough side is out. We also think by doing this it will also help with the heel slippage people experience when they first start wearing the Cruiserboots. It's attention to the details that make a great boot! We are having some new die pieces made for the inside lining of the boots .This will help the boot lining pieces fit together better during production. New dies will also help keep the cost of the boots down. USA labor is not cheap! I gotta say though walking through that factory seeing those factory workers making boots felt gooood! It gives me chill bumps every time I think about it. My first job was in a sewing factory when I was 18. Yes it feels good to be producing at home where the quality is the best in the world just like the people!

We are adding removable inserts to the women's boots. Yeah! I am really excited about this! We chose one more gauge up for the zippers in the three side zip boots. This does not add bulk to the boot either. We went to a new insole board called Bi-Fit. Bi-Fit is a superior functional alternative to traditional single hardness paper insoles. Bi-Fit is waterproof yet moisture wicking with its non woven cover and backer. It is a functional non-metal alternative to steel shanks. Bi-Fit is an eco-friendly product manufactured with 80% post consumer plastic. Jay has been resoling Cruiserboots here for about two months now. What he has found is in some boots is the insole board needs to be replaced because the insole board has gotten wet at some point and shows signs of disintegration. Whenever he encounters this situation he uses the Bi-Fit for the replacement. The results are a brand new rebuilt bottom on the boot that will provide comfort and joy for many more years to come!

Jay and I have seen many boots that are 10-12 years old and that are still performing and looking great! Cruiserworks is now doing Resoles on the Cruiserboots! As mentioned above Jay has been resoling boots here for a few months now and has decided to go public! Cruiserworks is now resoling the Cruiserboots right here in NC! Jay will resole the boots with our Rhino-Lite outsole, refurbish and condition the boots and replace the inserts all for $65.00 plus shipping! Shipping charges are $11.00 east coast and $15.00 west coast. Also by offering resoling here we can better service the law enforcement that is in our boots. Police officers boots need resoling about once a year. We have 9 counties in NC in Cruiserboots including the NC State Highway Patrol who's been wearing Cruiserboots for 8 years! We are adding several very cool stocking stuffers the next few weeks to the website so be sure to keep a check on it at"