Cruise Control

Grips From SAC

These are the Stingray Flames grips with throttle control and red inserts.

The first thing we had to do was loosen both throttle cables so that the barrels would slide out. Next, the throttle housing screws were removed so that the throttle sleeve could come off.

The left side was a little more work, due to the fact that the old grip had some glue or silicone keeping it on. A little heat on the rubber can help loosen the glue, and if needed, the rubber can be cut down the center of the grip, then twisted off. We then cleaned the bars with some solvent.

With a little of the glue that comes with the grips on the bar, the grip slid into place. We rolled the grip around so that the design was on top and could be seen.

Next came the throttle -- we unscrewed the knurled ring on the throttle so that two threads were showing. Then, we put the first O-ring on the throttle.

We put some lithium grease on the bar for smooth twist operation.

The second black O-ring was slid on, followed by the Teflon ring. This is how the throttle lock presses on the sleeve.

The cruise control grip is more like a throttle lock that, with a spin of your thumb, will hold your speed. You can see how important it is to get the O-rings placed in the right order. A little glue inside the grip will keep the sleeve in place.

Next, all we had to do was slide the grip over the sleeve.

To set your speed, all you have to do is spin the lock to increase or decrease the drag. One thing to keep in mind is that the grips are leather and should be kept out of the rain when possible, but they can be cleaned and conditioned. After our first test ride of more than 60 miles, there was a noticeable improvement in comfort.

We here at HOT BIKE are always looking for comfort and style while on our bikes. Like most riders, looks are a big part of which parts we pick, almost equal to how well they work. Often when riding down the road, we have wished that we could take our right hand off the bars to stretch, grab a map, or just wipe the bugs off our glasses.

We know that SAC makes all kinds of cool stuff for bikes, like bags for road trips and padded grips that reduce hand fatigue. But SAC also has a grip that allows riders to set the speed of their bike with a simple flip of the thumb. Stingray Flames grips, available in four different colors, gave us something new to install.