Crank and Stroker Clean Cut Motorcycle Vest | Used & Abused

Jeff Holt's take on the Clean Cut riding vest

crank and stroker biker vest

Clean cut doesn't mean boring.

As Abused by Jeff G. Holt

I like using vests due to the fact that they keep the body’s core warm, they deflect the wind well, and they allow good freedom of movement while riding.

This vest from Crank and Stroker is made from genuine premium-grade leather and has the typical chest pockets with snap closure. But the Clean Cut vest also has the best of both worlds: a zip front with snap front storm flap making sure that when it’s closed on those cold rides that it actually stays that way. I also like the lined waist pockets, which also work great as hand warmers.

Inside the vest is a custom-printed liner and two conceal-and-carry pockets with snap closures. Inside those pockets are removable holsters, which are held in with Velcro fasteners and are easily detachable in case you don’t feel like packin’ heat.

I have been wearing this vest for a few months now, and I can tell you that it’s quality made and the full-cut armholes allow even the fluffiest of hoodies (or even leather jackets when really cold) worn underneath to be bind-free. The band collar is of a good height and doesn’t interfere with helmet straps, which is a good thing. And try as I might, all of the YSB snaps and zippers on the vest have stood up to my torturous ways very well. My score? I give this vest a solid eight out of 10.

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