Coolest Component of the Week: Brock's Performance FXR Swingarm

Bolt up one of Brock's beautiful handcrafted in the USA aluminum swingarms on that FXR of yours and shed 50 percent of the weight of your old stock steel unit. This beautiful non-ferrous swingarm is made from a 3-inch braced extruded aluminum and it features spherical bearings and 4-inch billet axle adjusters. These sweet swingers are available in your choice of black, chrome or brushed aluminum in stock or +1 to 3 over stock length. Want something custom or weird you say? Brock will quickly and easily make you one in any length and for any axle and brake combo you choose to run for a nominal price increase. For more info on how to get your hot little hands on this piece of moto jewelry, check out BROCKS PERFORMANCE