Confederate Motorcycles | X132 Hellcat Unveiled

The American thoroughbred returns

Confederate Motorcycles | X132 Hellcat Unveiled - Hot Bike Magazine

X132 Hellcat
The American thoroughbred returns

After nearly three years in development, we are pleased to announce that the third generation Hellcat is finally here. Just like all Confederate motorcycles, the X132 Hellcat is the result of an uncompromising design and manufacturing approach. The centerpiece of this approach is the unitized billet aluminum case. Together with our partners at S&S; Cycle, we have developed this completely new platform, which combines the engine case, transmission, swingarm pivot, and frame mounts into a single billet structural core. The result is the first pure and undiluted Confederate motorcycle.


"The First Pure And Undiluted Confederate Motorcycle"


The Wall Street Journal

** Master of Machine-Age Motorcycles**

Pultizer prize-winning auto critic Dan Neil recently sat down with Confederate's design chief, Ed Jacobs, for the Wall Street Journal.

See the article here.

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Order Your X132 Hellcat Today

Introductory Offering: $45,000 USD*
*Introductory Offering includes all optional features and accessories. $45,000 price effective through 2/29/2012. Price for the base model X132 Hellcat increases to $49,500 USD effective 3/1/2012.


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