Colorado Embroidery Custom Patches

Biker patches tailored to your designs

colorado embroidery biker patch

Here are just a few samples of their work.

Courtesy of Colorado Embroidery

Colorado Embroidery Works specializes in manufacturing motorcycle rider and club patches. Originally, Colorado Embroidery Works was founded in 1987 in Evergreen, Colorado and then later relocated to North Carolina in 2006 to better serve motorcycle rally customers.

The company has a wide variety of options, designs, rally patches, In Memory Of, Rockers, Officer Tags and etc. They will even customize and design your patches as well. The company sells and distributes both retail and wholesale motorcycle stock patches.

Colorado Embroidery Works promises quick delivery and low prices. Whether you are purchasing a 1 or 1,000 the company does not have a minimum. No job is too small. The company accept all credit cards and paypal when ordering.

For more information please visit Please call 828-625-2828 or email [email protected] for questions and orders.

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