Cobra's New NH Series Mufflers for Baggers

New exhaust option for your Harley touring bike

harley bagger muffler

As seen installed.

Courtesy of Cobra Engineering

Cobra says its new NH Series mufflers (for H-D Bagger models) are unlike anything currently available for Harleys. “This NH Series is totally different from what people are used to, especially when they hear the name Cobra,” said Tim McCool, Cobra Engineering President. “Our customers and dealers have been asking us for a more aggressive sounding muffler for quite some time. So we developed the NH Series to meet that demand.”

When developing these mufflers, Cobra did extensive sound and dyno testing. The goal was to build a muffler that looked, sounded, and performed unlike anything else in the market place. What emerged is a 4-inch muffler that has an unmistakable sound.

The bodies start as round 4-inch tubes, then bell out to 4.5-inches, for an aggressive and classic design at the rear. The muffler tip is then rolled to give them a clean, finished look. Internally, these NH mufflers have an 8-inch spun and louvered baffle. This limited louvering produces an aggressive bark. At the end of the baffle is a trumpet shaped inner tip that works in harmony with the belled end, creating a unique look. There will also be a quieter core option for those who enjoy the look, but don’t hate their neighbors.

To top it all off, the retail MSRP of the NH Series mufflers is $420.00, and comes with Cobra’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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cobra harley muffler

And that's just the tip.

Courtesy of Cobra Engineering