Clean-Up Time

Easy Ways to Shine Your Ride

First, the bike needed to be washed. With the bike wet, we pulled out the Absorber from Emgee/Clean Tools. This is a soft-touch drying skin that dries any paint finish without scratching and leaves a lint-free surface. The Absorber can be used as a towel, chamois, or even a sponge.

The next thing we used after the bike was dried was the Glosser also made by Emgee/Clean Tools.

The Glosser is a micro-fiber wipe that contains both a cleaner and a wax. It is a three-layer wipe with two outer layers that remove and suspend dirt. In the middle, a ceraphilic layer dispenses cleaner and waxes as you wipe. One wipe is enough to wipe down a car, so using it on a bike isn't a problem.

With every reachable surface clean, there are still the hard-to-get-to spots on every bike that are often overlooked. The Pimp Stixxx cleaning kit can solve that problem. The kit includes four different-size component handles, seven different component heads, two component ferrules, two end caps, and a starter cleaning rag.

Each Pimp Stixxx is made of billet aluminum, powdercoated, and rubber covered.

The heads are made of a high-density plastic and are resistant to gas, oil, and chemicals.

We started with the 12-inch straight Stixxx, and the 1-inch head cleaner.

The instructions say to use the cleaning rag by wrapping a corner around the head, then applying a small bit of wax or cleaning solution.

We used one hand to hold the Stixxx and the other to hold the rag. After cleaning the area with one part of the rag, we rewrapped the head with a clean part to wipe away the wax and cleaner.

And just so you don't lose anything, Pimp Stixxx comes with a cool little storage bag. This is a must-have for any do-it-yourselfer who enjoys spending time with his bike.

We came across a few things to help prolong ride time by reducing scrub time. What a concept. Hit the road instead of crawling around the dusty pavement with a roll of paper towels and a can of Pledge. Chase women instead of cleaning out fingernail grit with a dull knife. "Shut up and get started Ernie."

"Okay Boss," Ernie said grabbing a handful of new cleaning products from Emgee/Clean tools and Pimp Stixxx cleaning products.