Classic Thunder Braided Cloth Spark Plug Wires

Old School Cool with Modern Technology

sumax spark plug wires

Sumax braided plug wires


Sumax braided wires with 7mm Black Silicone with Synthetic Jacketing resist heat, oil, and abrasion. A combination Kevlar Helically Spiral Wound Core at 350 ohm per foot resistance delivers greater spark energy, while improving power, idle, and fuel efficiency. Matching Black Silicone Boots protects against high exhaust temperatures. Double Spring Locking Terminals for secure-vibration proof connections. Cloth Jacket is rated at 450 degrees F. These wires will work on all Harley-Davidsons with point or electronic ignitions. Custom fit and Universal sets available. Colors: Orange with Black Tracer, Yellow with Black & Red Tracer, Black with Blue Tracer, Red with Black Tracer, and Gray with Brown Tracer. 100% Made in U.S.A. $39.95. For more information on these wires and Sumax other products, visit them online or call Sumax at (315) 768-1058.