Jeff Allen

Chris Moos’ 2018 GEICO Hot Bike Tour “DYNOT”

When is a Harley-Davidson Dyna not a Dyna? When it’s a DYNOT

“I built bikes for three other tours for the company I was formerly with. Never got to ride. Just build. This time it was my turn,” Chris Moos of Mooscraft told me about his 2018 Hot Bike Tour machine. A declaration like that means you’ve got a manifesto to pull a Sinatra and do it your way. What followed from that would be a statement in metal and rubber defining what he liked in a personal bike. To be honest, bikes like that are among my favorite to write up since the builder has a more personal stake in them than usual.

Chris Moos and his DYNOT

Brass monkey, that funky monkey: Mooscraft boss man Chris Moos and his “DYNOT.” The bike packs antique brass plating on the wheels. The finish created a few different tones all on one part and meshed really well with the bike’s color palette.

Jeff Allen

In this case, the final work blended antique brass and a big front wheel in a Dyna platform. That’s not exactly a stereotypical scoot, but, then again, I don’t think of cookie cutters when I think of Chris Moos’ machines.

custom motorcycle with steampunk aesthetics

The finishes are a nod to steampunk aesthetics but no cogs, top hats, or goggles were harmed in the making of this sweet motorcycle.

Jeff Allen

Even his rider origin story isn’t what you’d expect. In 2013, he stumbled into a bike shop to help a guy with some fabrication work. He’d fallen into the world of creating custom motorcycle parts and stayed in it ever since. Chris has built a full hand-formed aluminum 30-inch lay frame bagger with a twin plenum 132-inch S&S X-Wedge engine in it on Discovery Channel’s BikerLive.

MJK risers and Biltwell Inc handlebar

Top Line fork tubes house Legends Axeo internals. The front suspension and its Mooscraft triple trees are crowned with MJK risers and Biltwell Inc. handlebar.

Jeff Allen

Since then he’s also built multiple magazine bikes and developed tons of product for the industry, including patents for industry-changing parts. In all that time, though, he just never got to ride. Chris also got real tired of being told he couldn’t ride the shop’s customer bikes. He solved that dilemma by buying a 2012 Road King at a local dealership: “I basically walked in and saw what I needed as a donor and had the guy show me how to start it. Yes, start it… And I rode it down the highway in rush-hour traffic.” It was a crash course in riding, without the crash.

Brembo caliper mounted to rear fender

Check out how the Brembo caliper is mounted to the rear fender.

Jeff Allen

“That was the first bike I owned,” he says. “It changed my life. There’s something unmistakable about the place my mind goes to when I’m riding; your body blending with this creation that went from your mind to the pavement. The sense of fear yet control, knowing that I’ve crafted it and completely obsessed over its details. It’s a comfortable place I try to go to as often as possible.”

motorcycle battery and oil tank

Not exactly the stock configuration you usually find for a battery and oil tank, is it?

Jeff Allen

Of his Hot Bike Tour scoot he says, “I wanted to build something performance-based that also was respecting the part of the industry I was currently focused on at the time: Showing people that a bike with a 26-inch front wheel can be rode hard and put up wet. Too many people in the big wheel part of the industry are looked at as non-riders. Most of those bikes don’t see a ton of road time. I’ve ridden this build from Dallas to Sturgis and hundreds of miles while riding there as well, in just one trip. The bike is super nimble and performs very well. The Revolution Performance 117-inch Big Bore engine has super-reliable power and stops on a dime. And definitely having Legend Suspensions on the team to help dial in handling and Metzeler tires to keep sticky side down was a huge help. I couldn’t be happier!”

DYNOT motorcycle

All the bodywork on DYNOT is just enough. Chris shaved the front fender but didn’t eliminate it entirely.

Jeff Allen

Spec Sheet

Owner Chris Moos
Shop Mooscraft
Year/Make/Model 2018/Mooscraft/DYNOT
Fabrication Chris Moos
Build Time 2 months
Year/Type/Size 2012/Harley-Davidson/Twin Cam 117ci
Builder Revolution Performance
Cases H-D
Cylinders Revolution Performance Big Bore 117
Heads Revolution Performance Stage 3, CNC ported
Rocker Boxes EMD
Cams Drago’s 657
Throttle Body Horsepower Inc. 58mm
Exhaust Royal-T Racing
Air Cleaner Horsepower Inc. velocity stack
Computer And Tuner Thundermax EFI
Year/Type 2006/H-D Dyna
Gears Stock
Clutch AIM-Tamachi/Barnett
Primary Drive Closed w/ EMD cover
Year/Type 2018/Mooscraft DYNOT
Rake/Stretch 30°/1.625-in. up and 0.75-in. out
Front End Legend Suspensions 49mm Axeo, inside titanium nitrided Top Line tubes, using Arlen Ness smooth lowers
Length Stock FLH
Triple Trees Mooscraft Short Neck FLH 8°
Swingarm C&S by Garwood Cycles
Shocks Legend Suspensions 14-in. Revo-A
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Builder/Size Antique brass-plated 26 x 3.5-in. Metalsport Bridge
Tire/Size Metzeler 888 120/55-26
Calipers 6-piston Brembo Monoblock
Rotors 18-in. Metalsport 3D machined
Builder/Size Antique brass-plated 18 x 5.5-in. Metalsport Bridge
Tire/Size Metzeler 888 200/50-18
Caliper 6-piston Brembo Monoblock
Rotor 11.8-in. Metalsport 3D machined
Sprocket Metalsport 3D machined
Colors House of Kolor Satin clear, Hyundai metallic brown, black, custom bronze by End Fab
Paint/Graphics Jordan Taylor Ford of End Fab
Cerakote My lovely woman Krystal Hess
Powdercoating Krystal Hess and Crush Alvarado at Metroplex Kustoms
Front Fender Mooscraft cut from Led Sled builders’ blank
Rear Fender Mooscraft cut from Led Sled builders’ blank
Gas Tank 1976 Yamaha RD200 with Sportster pump
Handlebars Modified Biltwell for 7/8-in. controls, MJK risers
Grips Brass Balls No-Slip grips
Mirrors Tombstone
Hand Controls CRG adjustable lever cable clutch w/ Barnett cable and braking adjustable lever radial brake
Foot Controls Hammerhead
Pegs Brass Balls Meathooks
Headlight Oracle Cree LED
Taillight Generic mini strip
Turn Signals Left arm
License Mount Kuryakyn
Seat Kyle Hix of Hix Design laser-cut pan w/ CNC-stitched insert w/ CNC-etched grab handle that says “Moos/Squirrel”