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From the Editor

Hot! Hot! Hot!

It’s just one of the laws of the custom motorcycle realm; what was once hot is no longer so. Yes, kids, future hotness shall always rise and dethrone any and all other current hotness. Such is the case with this magazine. Big-tire choppers are in the deep freeze and big-wheel baggers seem to be warming up. What about the thousands of scorching pro-street bikes with checkers all over seen in pages past? They have been surpassed by the sizzling Sportster variants sporting powdercoat paint we have been featuring as of late. It’s just the natural progression of things my people. Consider it the evolution of our lifestyle.

But don’t think that the former hotties aren’t creeping back with a full-circle fervor. Both traditional long-bike choppers and crazy-looking diggers have been making the scene with some of our younger readers looking to relive a sliver of bikerdom’s wild and wooly past. Yes, the old adage of “what’s old, is new” also enters the game furthering the depth of what is considered hot.

Being a magazine such as Hot Bike where we show the lifestyle as a whole, we are compelled to demonstrate to you what’s the most cutting-edge of the entire two-wheeled V-twin scene every month. Yes, you personally may not like baggers, club bikes, bobbers, or choppers for that matter, but we guarantee to have the pinnacle of each of their respective existence in the pages of this magazine monthly. The bikes we feature are handpicked to blow your mind and have you salivating over the bike’s design and craftsmanship more than what style of motorcycle it actually is. Sure, you may not prefer the type of bike it is, but you respect it for the sum of its parts. That’s what us custom motorcycle junkies do. We all recognize skill, hard work, attention to detail, and originality as the tie that binds us together into one big biker club. Yes, “hot” may be a subjective term, but not when it comes to the content of this magazine or its readers. This is due to us being no different than you. We love bikes, beer, babes, as well as being on two wheels and in the wind rather than stuck behind a desk or machine. The bond is strong between writer and reader. We know this and relish the fact that you “get it” more than you will ever know.

Anything that’s hot is bound to cool off even in the magazine world right? Not so with yours truly at the helm. If it’s not at the pinnacle of two-wheeled cool, it simply won’t be in Hot Bike. We are on the rise and set on course to bring you nothing but the most killer bikes, hottest babes, real-world tech, and stories to peak your inner-most interests. Don’t believe me? Then, read on brothers and sisters, and you shall see for yourself!Eric

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