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Five-Day MiracleWith Carolina Custom's Sportster Kit, you can feel like the almighty motorcycle god and create a little "Bobster" in just five days, then rest on the sixth day. All you need is a Sportster, the kit, and standard shop tools. The end result is a classic old-school look that uses modern-day technology to ensure dependability and quality.

For more information, contact Carolina Custom Products, (704) 592-2355,

GuardiansOn Guard locks are great babysitters/bodyguards for your bike at times when you need to leave it alone. The new Beast Series 5016 and 5016L features massive hardened ultra-steel hex-link chains; pick-, pull-, and drill-resistant M-cylinder locks; and a dual steel-bar locking mechanism that doubles as a disc lock.

For more information, contact On Guard,(800) 213-4561,

Drag Yourself UpDesigned by D&M; Custom for Drag Specialties, this chrome air-cleaner kit with a spear-style cone boosts airflow approximately 10 percent compared to an OEM air cleaner. The kit includes a filter cone with 360-degree slots, a K&N; air filter, and a 90-degree chrome elbow and installation hardware. You'll also need to order a carb support bracket and breather kit (sold separately). The air-cleaner kit is designed for '90-'05 Big-Twin and '88-'05 XL models with an OEM 40mm CV carb or '01-'05 Delphi EFI.

For more information, contact your local Drag Specialties dealer, (763) 577-0588,

Box for Your GoodiesTwenty years ago, it was your mother scolding you to put away your toys. Now it's your wife admonishing you to tidy up your garage full of tools. Steelhead Design has a solution for you that will maximize shop storage and efficiency. Available in many different combinations, the MTech System can be reconfigured quickly and easily as needs change, so the system never becomes obsolete. Cabinets are available with drawers and slide-out shelves for secure storage of parts and tools as well as computers and electronic equipment. Stackable cabinets are adaptable for a wide variety of uses and are constructed of heavy 16-gauge stainless steel or powdercoated steel.

For more information, contact SteelHead Design, (800) 261-0761,

Some Like It HotWhen it comes to power, more is better. Get all the power you want with an S&S; Hot Set Up Kit. Whether you want to turn your Twin-Cam 88 engine into a fire-breathing 124ci monster or simply wake up your 80ci Evolution-powered machine, an S&S; Hot Set Up Kit is your solution. Each kit is thought out as a package, leaving no variables for you to worry about. Depending on the level of performance you want, the kit can include flywheels, rods, pistons, heads, cams and rocker boxes, compression releases, pushrods, and cylinders. Carburetors and fuel-injection systems are available to complement each kit as well.

For more information, contact S&S; Cycle, (608) 627-1497,

Leather and PinstripesBring back the old school with Mammoth Choppers' pinstripe-stitched seats. Incredibly designed pinstripes, top-grain handpicked leather, and ergonomically shaped closed-cell high-density foam make these seats as comfortable as they look. The price of these seats is another thing of beauty-they're just $159.95 for the Ice Age flame-stitch seat and $169.95 for the pinstripe-stitch seat.

For more information, contact Mammoth Choppers, (800) 235-0272,

Fool for ToolsAre you a VIP member of Home Depot? Is your motto "if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself"? If the answer is "yes," you'll want to be informed of JS Products' new Xceleracer, a "ratcheting" adjustable wrench that can be used in applications where you would typically use a socket and ratchet. The ratcheting action and versatility minimizes the number of tools you need to complete a job. The 8-inch Xceleracer has a 1-inch jaw capacity and weighs 0.65 lb. It is available in 6-, 8-, and 10-inch sizes. Constructed of top-grade drop-forged chrome-vanadium steel, the wrenches also feature ergonomic TPR (thermal plastic rubber) handles for superior comfort and control. All products have a lifetime warranty.

For more information, contact JS Products, (800) 255-7011,, or

For the Biker, by a BikerNow you can find jewelry for the biker by a biker at King Baby Studio. Mitchell Binder, owner as well as designer behind King Baby Studio, is an avid motorcycle rider and has designed many bikes for various celebrities. His unique pieces celebrate art, rock 'n' roll, and the biker culture. Pictured here is the studio's sterling silver winged-skull buckle. King Baby Studio offers rich, heavy, and bold jewelry that beautifully unites silver, leather, and semi-precious stones. Mitchell's latest designs now incorporate gold, diamonds, and platinum.

For more information, contact King Baby Studio, (323) 466-4000,