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Carey Hart's Superteam Builds A Custom Indian Springfield

Five builders from different garages all over the US assemble to build an Indian Springfield in Carey Hart’s Central California garage.

Freestyle motocross legend Carey Hart and his best buddy Big B have been assembling V-twins for a few years now. They came out on the Hot Bike Tour with us a couple of years back and the crowds have always loved their bikes, but they make no attempt at hiding the fact that they aren’t fabricators. They have found success outsourcing the one-off fab work and doing all the mechanical work and bolt-on stuff themselves, but for this build they knew they needed to take it to the next level. So what did they do? Hit up some of top-level fabrication guys they met out on the Hot Bike Tour and got to work!

Big B Motorcycle fabrication

Big B helping out a lot, as usual

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For the headlight cowl and side covers, they called in sheet metal expert Evan Favaro of Speakeasy Motors. Evan has been fabricating parts for his own builds, as well as working on the show Orange County Choppers. For this build, he was in charge of making the headlight cowl and he instantly got to work shaping the panels, welding them up, and chasing out the welds.

Carey Hart and Satya Kraus

Carey Hart and Satya Kraus figuring out the wiring and controls for the King Killer's handlebars

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To skinny up the tank and dash and add some knee dents, Jake Cutler of Barnstorm Cycles was on the job. Jake has built everything from performance baggers to old school choppers and has some experience working around Indian’s touring platform. Having done similar work before, it was easy for Jake to utilize his pattern and instantly cut into the stock Springfield tank. After cutting and bending the internal panels, Jake welded them back on and smoothed out the line.

evan favaro grinding welds

Evan Favaro grinding out the welds on the headlight cowl he made

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When it comes to a motorcycle’s handling geometry and performance, few names have the authority that Satya Kraus does. A huge percentage of performance-minded builders use the front ends he manufactures to get the best geometry and fit upgraded forks. So it’s only natural he was invited to dial in the front end, take care of the gauge housing, and fix any wiring gremlins that inevitably pop up.

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Jake Cutler checking lines

Jake Cutler checking the line for the new custom dash

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motorcycle lunch break

The dream team taking a lunch break in Central California

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And everything else on the build? Well, that’s up to Carey and B. Swapping out the swingarm, seat, and who knows what else as it progresses. The build is called “The King Killer” and it will undoubtedly be something you’ll want to see once it’s finished. Stay tuned and follow along with #IndianKingKiller on social media. We’ll be featuring the completed build as soon as they wrap it up and we get it shot.