Burly Brand's Magnetic Tank Screen

The motorcycle tank screen is now available on its own

Burly Brand magnetic tank screen

Burly Brand's magnetic tank screen patiently waiting for a good home.

Courtesy of Burly Brand

Scream loud enough and eventually you'll be heard. That's what happened with Burly Brand's magnetic tank screen. When the company introduced it on its Voyage Tank Tail bag, the tank screen proved so popular with consumers that, by popular demand, Burly Brand made it a solo act. You can now get the magnetic tank screen on its own.

The Magnetic Tank Screen is available in a rugged Dark Oak 500gsm wet waxed UV Cotton Canvas with leather paneling and straps. Its innovative stretch screen design will hold a vast array of smart phones, small tablets and even GPS units. The screen will stick directly to the gas tank via padded magnets. Find out more at burlybrand.com