Burly Brand BRAIDED STAINLESS Extended Cable/Line Install Kits for Street Glide

All stainless kit for baggers. Even have an ABS version!

Burly Street Glide cable kit

Love the look of a set of apes on a Street Glide? Hate sorting out which cables and brake lines to use? Prefer the style and performance of braided stainless cables and lines?

We thought so, as do the folks at Burly Brand and luckily they’ve just released a collection of braided stainless kits specific to the 2008-2013 Harley Street Glide. Each kit is tailored to work with Burly Brand’s 13” or 15” apehanger and is available for ABS as well as non ABS FLHX and FLHT/C/U models. Kits include extended brake lines (including ABS lines) and extended clutch cable as well as all relevant wiring extensions for switches and throttle by wire, making installation much simpler. Look for cable/line kits for 2014 and newer models later this year.

Check out the Burly web sit www.burlybrand.com for more info.