The Buffalo Chip Campground At Sturgis

A buddy of mine once hunted squirrels in an Atlanta park for food when he was down on his luck. City officials frowned on that, and, come to think of it, guys like him may be the reason the Buffalo Chip came into being.

Back when "Sturgis camping" meant sleeping at the Sturgis City Park, town officials closed the park in an effort to keep folks from turning the town into an impromptu outdoor hotel. At that time the rally numbered a comparatively meager 20,000 or so people, and the Buffalo Chip was born to fill the need for bikers looking for a place to cut loose and take a rest. In the time that's followed, Sturgis ballooned, and the Chip has kept pace, offering improved facilities and more entertainment with each passing year. The year 2007 marks the 26th anniversary of The Buffalo Chip, with an estimated half-million riders expected to attend August 4-12. Each year a lot goes on at the Buffalo Chip; for a comprehensive list, see our calendar section.

Not only will you find "luxuries" at the campground such as flush toilets, the Chip also offers an array of food venues and is the only camp in South Dakota with its own Harley store, where you can pick up apparel to replace that soaking-wet T-shirt you were wearing when you got caught in the rain. You can contact the Chip at (605) 892-4101; they're located about 5 miles east of Sturgis, just off Highway 34 at 20603 132nd Avenue.

Buffalo Chip Wireless Internet ServiceThe Chip will offer wireless service for the 2007 Sturgis Rally throughout most locations within the Buffalo Chip amphitheater. They offered limited Internet service in 2006 and got a lot of favorable customer feedback. It's a high-speed connection that will allow you to send e-mails, check those stocks, or just surf the Internet (read: look at porn). You don't need a modem, the service is free, and hot-spot access is available. The service works with several pocket PCs that have 802.11b DSSS wireless cards, as well as most other wireless systems.

Camp Rules

-The general law of the land at the Buffalo Chip is, "The fewer rules, the better." Common sense is the general rule, but there are a few things that are absolute no-nos.

-Report all problems to the box office. Please don't yell at the employees.

-Don't bring children. The Sturgis party is for grown-ups. If you bring them anyway, please fill out the parental consent form that will be available at the box office.

-Please wear your Buffalo Chip wristband at all times.

-If you plan on buying alcohol at the Chip, please be prepared to show ID.

-No pets allowed.

-No fireworks.

-ATVs and golf carts are welcome, but please respect other campers.

-No weapons allowed.

7th Annual Buffalo Chip Amateur Boxing Championships On Saturday, August 11, 2007, nationally ranked boxers from around the country will compete in the ring at the Chip. The event is USA Boxing sanctioned, with men's and women's matches taking place. Schedule TBA.