Broken Teeth And Knucka - Meet the Librarian

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In Your Face

Broken Teeth: The band name speaks for itself, and it spoke to me loud and louder after a few tracks. Their CD Blood On The Radio is, to some degree, the type of music you're jamming to while riding, and it makes you want to open up the throttle and just punch it (or perhaps stop by a bar and get in a brawl). It's heavy metal, man, and if nothing else, it's rockin' out in the privacy of your own home, garage, shower, whatever, with the hand on the crotch, tongue hangin' out the mouth, and a little headbanging.

Bringing the "good" noise from their hometown of Austin, TX, Broken Teeth is comprised of Jason McMaster (vocals), Jared Tuten (guitar), Dave Beeson (guitar), Brett McCormick (bass), and Bruce Rivers (drums). Several are former members of Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks, and Pariah. To date, the band has released their self-titled debut Broken Teeth in 1999, followed by Guilty Pleasure in 2002, and Blood On The Radio Live (a CD and DVD in 2004; the CD was re-released in 2007). This year Broken Teeth "will be taking a break from recording their third album (tentatively titled Electric) to head out to the West Coast to bring fans a taste of some of the new songs." And they recently struck a new distribution deal with Corporate Punishment Records, which is distributed by Navarre. The band also recently recorded a song for a Judas Priest Tribute being produced by Bobby Blotzer (Ratt). So get out there, you rockers, and check out the dates they'll be in your neighborhood by visiting or

Making The Band

Watching Knucka play at the Buffalo Chip during last year's Sturgis Rally, you'd think the band's been made, signed, sealed, and delivered for our viewing pleasure. On the contrary, two of the four mentioned have happened for Knucka: Made and delivering their asses off to crowds, but no luck with the other two. What was it about Knucka at the Chip and their ability to draw crowds and keep 'em? It seems you can't quite point a finger at the type of music you're shaking your ass off to. So I asked band member Matt Degelman what type of music we're hearing, and he replied, "It's kinda rocky bluesy shit, and kinda country twang. I don't know-we sat around too and couldn't put a finger on it." Who needs a categorical genre when you have a band name that is short for Knucklehead?

Disturbing the peace in their hometown of Pagosa Springs, CO, Knucka is composed of Matt Degelman (harmonica), Chris Haas (lead vocals), Antonio (Tony) Madrid (bass), Chris Rapp (lead guitar), and Jason Dockter (drums). They are best buddies who got together at a local open mic night five years ago, drew in more and more crowds, formed the band formally known as Dixie Wrecked the first two years, then changed the name to Knucka. To date, the band has released Knucka in 2004, followed by Cadillac Mama in 2005, and Strange Mistakes, featured here, in 2006. Asked what's up for this year with the band, Matt replied, "We need to tour, we need to get signed, and we need a production person to help us get started." You can help by checking out for more information, including playing schedules, and picking up their music.