Breaking the Pattern - A custom 2003 FXDX Dyna

The grass is greenest for Johnny’s Dyna.

What once was considered the bike of choice for outlaw clubs has grown beyond that thanks to the rising popularity of Dynas. At certain gathering and events, it gets hard to distinguish which tattooed dude is riding which black Dyna. Tall Ts, fairings, and barbecue paint can almost get you the look to the undiscerning eye. But who wants to blend, even if blending means black?

Johnny Klien wanted to build a club-style Dyna, but also didn’t want to follow the trends. He wanted to set the bar when it came to his Dyna. He explains what was going on behind his master plan: “I found my bike on Craigslist in Oregon. I bought a plane ticket that hour, and two days later I road it home 1,100 miles to San Diego. My bike started as a stock 100th anniversary bike, which I thought was hideous! I was sick and tired of seeing all these club bikes popping up all looking the same: black, fairing of some sort, T-Bars, and a Thunder Header. Just like that you have yourself a club bike. Now all you have to do is post your stupid pictures of your shitty near-stock-looking bike on Facebook and Instagram. I didn't want my bike to be confused with Sons of Anarchy or any other bike for that matter.”

San Diego Customs has been cranking out some of the sickest Dynas in the past few years. The scrolls of burnt rubber outside their shop doors attest to their commitment to the lifestyle and not just the look. “I had a vision that I wanted to see come to fruition, and I knew my close personal friend Chip at San Diego Customs could not only hit a home run, but also add a little of his vision to mine to come up with one badass bike. I wanted to design and build one of the sickest Dynas in the world that was fast, handled well, with all top of the line components, paint, and customizations.

I wanted the best of both performance and appearance worlds. No cookie-cutter bullshit here. I wasn't shooting for the fastest Dyna. I was shooting for one of the best all-around Dynas considering looks, all-around performance, and dependability being my three main focal points.”

After only a few short months, this unlikely of creatures left the SDC nest to join the dark forest. At each event Johnny attends, his red-and-black patterned motorcycle literally throws up the middle finger if you look close enough in the paint. “I am very happy with the end result and continue to collaborate with Chip making my bike better and better all the time. Somebody’s shit is always going to be nicer. It might as well be mine."

Owner- Johnny Klein
Shop- San Diego Customs
Shop Phone- (619) 234-6666
Year/Make/Model 2003/Harley-Davidson/FXDX
Fabrication 1 month
Build Time 5 months
Year/Type/Size 2003/H-D/107
Builder- Chip Kastelnik / T.R. Reiser (T-Man)
Cases H-D (Timken converted)
Cylinders- T-man Nickasel
Heads T-man stage 4
Rocker Boxes Screamin’ Eagle modified
Cams T-man 662-3
Air Cleaner- Dogherty Machine
Exhaust SPFabrication one off with Cone muffler system
Year/Type 2013
Gears Baker 6 speed w/ custom ratio gears
Clutch Screamin Eagle, Barnett, AIM
Primary Drive H-D
Year/Type 2003 FXDX
Rake/Stretch 28 degrees
Frontend H-D FXDX
Length stock
Triple Trees GPR / H-D
Swingarm JMC
Rear Shocks Ohlins
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Front Performance Machine custom dual disc
Builder/Size Performance Machine / 19-inch
Tire/Size 19-inch /110
Calipers Performance Machine
Rotors- Performance Machine
Rear Performance Machine
Builder/Size Performance Machine / 18-inch
Tire/Size 18-inch /150
Caliper Performance Machine
Rotor Performance Machine
Pulley Performance Machine
Manufacturer HOK
Colors many
Paint/Graphics Pete "Hotdog" Finlan
Plating/Polishing San Diego Customs
Powdercoating Jose San Diego Customs
Front Fender H-D modified
Rear Fender H-D
Gas Tank H-D
Dash H-D (modified)
Gauges H-D
Handlebars H-D XL
Grips Pro Grip
Mirrors H-D LED
Hand Controls H-D / Oberon
Foot Controls H-D
Headlight H-D LED
Taillight Drag Specialties LED
Turn Signals Kuryakyn (modified)
License Mount Drag Specialties
Seat LePera customs