Break The Breeze


Skill Level Intermediate

Adding Riding Comfort With a Wide Open Removable Fairing

We love to talk about being “in the breeze,” but the reality is that constant breeze is more like a rushing wind. Over longer distances, riding can become a bit less entertaining with the nonstop blast of 70-mph air pressing against your chest. There is something to be said about riding comfort over the longer hauls. We can bash on the baggers all we want, but those big fairings can be a blessing on a high-mileage ride. If only there was a way to have the best of both worlds …

Wide Open has what it believes is the answer to just that problem. Made from high-impact ABS plastic, the inner and outer molds are epoxy welded together to create a strong unibody fairing. Wide Open’s fairings come in the natural white ABS color and can be easily painted to match your stock motorcycle or custom cruiser. Pricing for one of the kits (MSRP $750) includes the ABS fairing drilled for four 5-1/4-inch speakers, two different wiring access panels, a windshield with stainless trim and rubber seal, self-adhesive sound-absorbing mat, brackets, and all the hardware with instructions to allow you handle the installation yourself. Options are available for stereo and speaker upgrades with a retractable marine splashguard at additional price.

Our ongoing 2011 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide project seemed the perfect candidate for one of Wide Open’s removable fairing conversions. The Dyna is a great machine on its own, but the fairing will allow us to go on extended trips and explore those twisty back roads for a longer amount of time before we feel exhausted and have to pull in for the night. We don’t claim to be master motorcycle technicians and we accomplished the install from start to finish ourselves; so you can too!


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