Brass Balls Bobbers: Classic Bobber

Off The Line

Some say you need a strong back and strong mind to endure a couple hundred miles in the saddle of a rigid. We say a solid set of cajones doesn't hurt either-if you've ever hit a Mexican backroad pothole doing 80mph on a bike with no rear suspension you know what we are talking about. Speaking of brass balls, check out one of the latest bikes to roll off the Brass Balls Bobbers (BBB) production line, dubbed the Classic Bobber. Designed and built by Darwin Motorcycles, the BBB line of bikes consists of three models, the Digger Bobber, Retro Chopper and the Classic Bobber.

With a base price starting at $18,650, the Classic Bobber is perfectly styled to transport you back to a time when things were much simpler. For those that require a little more attention, the BBB build your own bobber (BYOB) function on the website has plenty of options to turn the Classic Bobber into your Classic Bobber. After speaking with Dar, the d-a-r in Darwin Motorcycles, he informed us the Classic Bobber seen here would go for about $25,500, with a 1-year or 300,000 mile warranty.

A) The BBB rigid frame built by Racing Innovations has 36 degrees of rake in the neck and no stretch in the downtubes or backbone. It features classic wishbone-style downtubes. Wheelbase comes to 66 inches with an overall length of 7 feet 6 inches and a seat height of 26 inches. Dry weight comes to a skimpy 501 pounds (47 pounds lighter than H-D's new Iron 883).

B) The heart of this Classic Bobber is an American-made, hand-assembled 100ci V-Plus engine from Crazy Horse Motorcycles. The engine has a 3.875-inch bore and 4.5-inch stroke with a 9.5:1 compression ratio, single cam and a cone-style ignition cover. With its rounded cylinders and heads and intake on the left side, the engine draws looks and admiration on its own. Backing up the engine is an Ultima six-speed trans for smoother highway cruising and on the left side is a reliable black H-D primary with chrome covers. Cool is cool with expelled heat and gases emanating through a set of ceramic-coated fishtail pipes.

C) Spinning on a set of 16x3 1/2-inch, 40-spoke wire wheels wrapped in Avon rubber, a 130mm front and 140mm rear, the Classic Bobber is like a steam roller bombing down the street-only a lot more agile and less likely to crush your neighbor's prized Fiero. Keeping the stance low and adding a bit of smoothness to the road is a black and chrome 2-inch under DNA springer.

D) Less is more with minimal sheetmetal. However, the skin that is on the bike is dressed up a bit with a ribbed spine running down the back of the 3.4-gallon Mustang tank and close fit rear fender. A center-fill, barrel-style oil tank and battery box does triple duty housing the key/ignition switch on the right side. Of course, if you don't like getting mud up yuour skirt, a front fender can be added to the springer.

E) Just because you're on a rigid doesn't mean you can't have some comfort. The sweeping beach bars keep you from looking like your uncle, Hunchback Harry, while the half-moon floorboards allow you to shift your feet forward and stretch out or dangle your heels off the back. Chrome Hawg Halters hand controls gleam in the sun, but the rubber grips will help to stave off those annoying vibration-induced pins and needles in your hands.