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The new Auxiliary Brake Light/Turn Signal Conversion Kits from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories add an auxiliary brake light and running-light function to the rear turn signals. Red lenses glow when the headlamp is on and increase in intensity when brakes or turn signals are activated. Easy to install, the kit simply plugs into the existing wiring harness. Red turn-signal lenses are included. These kits are available to fit bullet and flat-style rear turn signals on a number of H-D Dyna, Softail, VRSC, Touring, and XL models. For more information, contact Harley-Davidson at (800) 443-2153, or

If you're looking for safe, consistent braking in all types of weather conditions, Drag Specialties brake pads by SBS are for you. For high-performance street applications, Streetexcel sintered metal pads can't be topped. The Street Ceramic organic brake pads are designed for general street use, and the Carbon Tech high-performance pads provide unmatched feel and control at the lever. For more information, please

Smooth lines and high durability highlight the Stampede Brake Calipers with mounting bracket. These great chromed or polished billet-cut aluminum calipers fit '84-'98 Big Twins. They are available in a dozen styles to match Stampede Billet Wheels, and precision matching guarantees absolute trueness in every item. For more information contact MC Advantages at (800)-726-9620, or

Want a clean rear wheel? The Exile Cycles Sprocket Brake Kit combines the final-drive sprocket and the rear brake into one great-looking unit, eliminating all the fuss! The sprocket/rotor is made from polished stainless steel and is available in both a 48-tooth and a 50-tooth configuration. The sleek two-piston caliper has hidden hardware and carries the Exile logo. Machined from billet aluminum, it is available in polished, black, or chrome finish, and it can be ordered for a 3/4- or 1-inch axle. A right-side-drive version of the kit is also available, and both kits come complete with the frame tab and all the necessary mounting hardware. For more information call Exile Cycles at (818) 255-3330, or visit

The popular BPST Brake Pulley System from GMA Engineering is now available in a right-side-drive version. GMA designed the caliper mounting bracket to work on custom and modified bikes that are running the Baker RSD transmission. The combination of these two components works very well when installing 250- and 300mm tires in custom frames. The brake pulley comes completely assembled, and will include a weld-on frame tab and universal braided stainless brake line.For more information, call GMA Engineering at (402) 330-5105, or

These retro hand and foot controls have been machined from billet aluminum and are chrome-plated for both looks and durability. Handlebar controls are available in either single- or dual-disc applications, with cable or hydraulic clutch. Foot controls are available for '84-'99 Softail models and most custom frame applications, although switch housings, grips, foot and shifter pegs are sold separately. For more information, please

Lyndall Racing's Apex Performance Composite Rotors have arrived! The ultra-light friction ring is fully CNC-machined from functionally gradient metal-composite material and is fitted to a 6061 aluminum carrier with 16mm titanium buttons. The entire 11.5-inch fully floating rotor weighs under 2 lbs to provide you with real space-age technology. For more information, contact Lyndall Racing at (800) 400-9490, or

Hawg Halters Inc. has just released its new caliper for the '06 fat-tire Softail. As an added bonus, it works on all '00-up Softail models. With a four-piston differential-bore design and dual piston seals-as well as available with chrome, polished, or black-anodized coating-these calipers are made to catch the eye. For more information, contact Hawg Halters Inc. at (877) 442-5837, or visithawghalters

The quest for powerful braking has always been a factor in building a high-performance motorcycle. Heavy bikes, high speeds, and adverse traffic conditions demand the very best braking possible. The PM Differential Bore Brake Caliper increases braking power and feel at the lever by utilizing a smaller piston at the disc entry and a larger piston at the disc exit. The result is more efficient pad-to-disc contact, reduced heat, and increased braking power. These direct bolt-on calipers are available in four- or six-piston format as well as a six-piston caliper for 13-inch discs. They are available in polished, chrome, or black-anodized finishes. For more information, contact Performance Machine at (714) 523-3000, or visit

Looking for the perfect complement to your new RC Components wheels? Look no further! RC's custom one-piece brake rotors are made from the highest-quality 410 stainless steel and are polished to eye-catching perfection. These rotors are available in any of RC's forged wheel designs to give your bike a true custom look.For more information call (800) 360-0915, or

Unless you're trying to outrun a pack of wild beasts, stopping your bike is generally more important than making it go faster. Performance Plus offers a great alternative to the generally destructive brick-wall method with its Organic & Sintered Brake Pads, which are made with a 100-percent asbestos-free formula and are designed to OEM specifications to provide noise-free braking and extended rotor life. For more information, contact Performance Plus at (800) 733-5642.

Paughco has one of the largest selections of direct replacement and custom brake components for Harley-Davidson motorcycles to be found anywhere. From early pedal assemblies and mechanical actuating components to caliper hangers, replacement anchors, chrome disc-brake covers, and more, they have you covered. Just about anything the restoration or custom enthusiast could need is covered. For more information, call Paughco at (775) 246-5738, or

When it comes to matching brake rotors to wheels, Xtreme Machine doesn't hold back. Three different rotor choices per design are offered, depending on the buyer's preference. Each rotor is matched identically with a certain wheel, eliminating the need to hunt for that perfect twin. Fitments for both custom and stock bikes are available, and the floating rotors come in polished, chrome, and black-anodized finishes. For more information, visit the Xtreme Machine website the Xtreme Machine website at

Got a custom project that needs a little something? Accutronix is introducing the Maltese Cross Brake Line Tee. All mounting hardware is hidden for a sleek and smooth look, and it is available in chrome, polished, or black-anodized finishes. The rear brake-line tee is designed with a 3/8- 24-inch inverted flare in two holes and 1/8-inch NPT in the center. It's machined from 6061 billet aluminum and is manufactured in the US. For more information, contact Accutronix at (623) 516-9800, or

The new 51-tooth 530 pitch sprocket brake kit features a blanchard ground-finish rotor with an anodized caliper body. Ground 400-series stainless steel allows the use of industry-available brake pads, high-strength stainless-steel fasteners, and double-acting calipers with all the quality details at a steal of a price. The kit comes with frame mounting tabs and everything you need to mount it on your favorite project. For more information, contact 3 Guyz at (503) 645-4898, or visit

The new Jaybrake six-piston calipers are designed to fit most stock '00-and-up Harleys. They are now available with and without radial lines, for single- or dual-disc applications. They are modeled on the J-series six-piston calipers that have been outperforming the competition for almost 20 years. For more information,

Need a little more stopping power? Magnum Shielding's brakes feature a direct bolt-on lower assembly in conjunction with alternative-length upper lines, making for easy custom installation. The two-piece design allows easier and less costly brake-line changes when installing new handlebars-simply replace the upper line. Upper line length is determined by measuring the routing path from the top of the lower triple-tree to the master cylinder. It exceeds all DOT FMVSS-106 specifications. For more information, contact Magnum Shielding at (585) 381-8380

Clean up the rear of your custom bike with this ISR sprocket caliper kit. The caliper is extremely lightweight and gives you race-quality performance. The kit comes complete with a two-piston caliper, sprocket brake rotor, and rear brake bracket. Parts are sold separately if necessary. For ordering information, please call (310) 353-2467, or

Whether you're building a ground-up chopper or just want to personalize your factory ride, Pro-One has a unique brake setup to meet your needs. From custom-engineered assemblies designed specifically for right-side-drive machines to an awesome collection of billet front and rear calipers and hangers, these components offer the latest in high-performance brake technology and a sanitary clean appearance. Pro-One also manufactures one of the industry's largest selections of custom rotors. No matter what look you're after, Pro-One has a rotor that's sure to be "just right. For more information, contact Pro-One at (800) 884-4173, or

Like the looks of this caliper and rotor set? Imagine it on your bike! This set by Edart Brakes consists of a two-piston caliper in a beautiful billet-chrome finish and includes a polished 50-tooth rotor/sprocket combination. It's designed for 3/4- or 1-inch axles and is distributed through Tedd Cycle. For more information, call (800) VEE-TWIN, or