Boyesen Power X-Wing - Make Power For Under $140

1. Appropriately named for its design, the X-Wing comes with the proper gaskets and washers to bolt directly onto the carburetor or throttle body. It only takes about five minutes to install!

2. The stock '04 Dyna Low Rider was a good candidate for the X-Wing treatment.

3. Technician Anthony Walton removed the air cleaner cover, air filter, and backing plate

4. The X-Wing was installed on the back of the backing plate with the necessary washers and gasket, and then the backing plate was reinstalled.

5. Here is a shot of the X-Wing installed on the Dyna. Once the air filter and air cleaner cover were back in place, it was time to dyno this Dyna.

Boyesen Engineering, intake innovators for both the two-stroke and four-stroke markets since 1972, recently developed the Power X-Wing (MSRP: $129.95) specifically for the V-Twin market. Even though Boyesen has only dabbled "in the V-Twin industry" for a little over a year now, they know what it takes to achieve results.

The X-Wing is meant to optimize performance by straightening airflow in the throttle body/carburetor. It fits CV carbs for Big Twin and Sportster models, Mikuni carbs, and Delphi EFI models for Big Twins and Sportsters. Boyesen's focus: to increase the speed and velocity of air flowing into the intake. Airflow is streamlined through the intake in a more direct manner, which is meant to increase power. Also, they've seen results in fuel efficiency with a 5 to 8-percent increase in fuel mileage. And around here in California, gas prices per gallon have crossed the $4 mark and keep rising.

One thing that stood out when we received the X-Wing was, "How does such a simple-looking contraption produce a power increase?" Determined to find the answer, we called Lifestyle Cycles in Anaheim, California, to put the product to the test on a stock, fuel-injected '04 Dyna Low Rider. We wanted to see what the X-Wing did in a carbureted bike, so we dropped one into the carb of an '01 Dyna as well. We left it up to LifeStyle's dynamometer to have the final say. HB

6. The fuel-injected Dyna's baseline run produced 59.76hp and 67.82 lb-ft of torque. After installing the X-Wing, the power increased to 61.26hp, a difference of 1.5 hp, but the torque went up to 71.90 lb-ft, an increase of 4.08 lb-ft. Also, we took the bike out for a spin before and after the product was installed, and we could definitely feel a difference in throttle response, especially in the low to mid rpm range. The carbureted Dyna gained 1.11hp and 1.41 lb-ft of torque, but the bike was equipped with performance pipes and a Screamin' Eagle air filter. So, even though we noticed a better number on the bone stock fuel-injected Dyna, we still saw an increase for the carbureted Dyna. Quick, easy, and cheap; what else could you ask for?


Boyesen Engineering
(610) 756-6818

Lifestyle Cycles
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