My Two Cents

Traveling plays a large roll in a magazine editor’s duties. There are multiple rallies and events that take place throughout the year and all motorcycle-enthusiast magazine editors need to attend them in order to get the skinny on what’s new in the industry. I was recently fortunate enough to attend Motor Bike Expo in Verona, Italy, and I have to say, it was the most intense, jam-packed bike event I’ve ever experienced.

I wasn’t the only American interested in what the three-day shindig had to offer. I was accompanied by many US custom bike builders such as Jesse James, Arlen and Cory Ness, Kirk Taylor, and many more; because apparently this event is something not to be missed. It was interesting to observe how the Italians—and Europeans in general—receive the American customizers. The West Coast Choppers and Arlen Ness booths were swarming with eager fans looking to meet the bike-building royalty face to face.

But this European bike show also hosted some of the customizing royalty of Europe’s native land. Garage Inc. was impossible to navigate through because of the multiple fascinating motorcycles the company displayed, not to mention the beautiful Italian spokesmodels. And my favorite bike from the entire event, a board tracker from Ironborne Customs (look for a full feature with Ironborne’s incredible board tracker soon) had attendees foaming at the mouth. Being that the gargantuan grounds included multiple customizers from all over the world, there isn’t enough space in this magazine to cover them all. But stay tuned for the full event coverage and a few amazing bike features I was able to capture during my trip. You really need to see what the European bike shows are all about.

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