Bolt-Ons: Catching Air

K&N Aircharger intake install

  1. Here is the stock H-D 2015 intake. Time for it to go!
  1. The Aircharger kit comes complete with everything needed to put it on the bike.
  1. Once the stock intake is removed, the chrome breather was installed.
  1. The breather hose was then slipped onto the rear of the new intake body.
  1. The intake body and new gasket were installed onto the bike’s throttle body.
  1. The final piece was installing K&N’s high-flow air filter with the supplied clamp.
  1. With the Aircharger in place and looking mean, we are on the way to getting this Road Glide revved up!

Getting more air into your engine is a great way to start getting power out of it. A good intake coupled with a free-flowing exhaust can and will get you more horsepower. The K&N Aircharger is a good way to start on your path of power gains. It has a simple yet effective design, and we have seen this intake gain from 10 to 12 hp on the dyno with no other mods on Twin Cam engines. Follow along as we show you this über-easy install that most riders can easily do at home!


K&N Filters