Bolt Lock's Motorcycle Helmet Locking Cable

Peace of Mind

The washer attach point mounts on almost any bolt (up to 3/8-inch or 10mm) on your bike. In this case, one of the fender strut-cover bolts was removed, and then the washer was tightened down with the removed bolt. It's not necessary to keep the lock on the bike when not in use, so while riding all you see is the very unobtrusive chrome washer.

Here is the Bolt Lock in action, securing a full-face helmet. You just loop the cable through the helmet's mouthguard or D-rings, insert the cable into the lock, put it on the bike, and take out the key. It's very simple to use.

An alternate location for the Bolt Lock is out of the way on the bottom of the frame. Using the 6-foot-length cable, the Bolt Lock easily secures two full-face helmets. It could just as easily lock your jacket by putting the cable through one of the sleeves. There are two slots on the lock, allowing two cables to be secured at the same time.

Oftentimes motorcyclists are burdened with an array of gear such as helmets and jackets, which are bulky and can be heavy and awkward to carry around when we're not on our bikes. We also have to worry about keeping an eye on our hard-earned accessories if we decide to eat some dinner, grab a drink, or shoot some pool. Sure, we can leave the gear on the bike and hope it's still there when we return, but who needs that kind of stress? It's a terrible feeling to come out to your ride and find that some degenerate violated your space and stole your favorite helmet or jacket.

Bolt Lock Corporation has come to the rescue with a simple locking device that attaches to almost anywhere on your motorcycle. Bolt Lock is a truly innovative helmet and gear locking solution that works by mounting a chrome machined washer on your bike. The detachable lock housing locks onto the washer and accepts different lengths of steel cables. You can put the washer anyplace on your bike where you have or can mount a bolt. You can even mount the unit on a wall or workbench to give you some extra security. Different lengths of cable are available to meet any locking task you may have.

The standard Bolt Lock kit ($59.95) comes with the steel tubular cam lock (made in USA) in high-quality chrome or powdercoated finish, two barrel keys, a washer attach point, and a 12-inch vinyl-coated braided-steel cable. Longer cables are available separately.