Blu Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Get your tire info on the go

Blu Pressure Monitoring System

Blu Pressure Monitoring System


We all know that having proper tire inflation is key to proper bike handling and on-road safety. Most new car (and some motorcycle) manufacturers now have models with monitoring sensors built in. The bikes we build and ride here at Hot Bike have no such technology, so when we saw the Blu TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), we knew we had to snag it and try it out.

The Blu TPMS relies on built-in Bluetooth sensors that replace the valve caps on each of your bike’s wheels. To monitor the pressure, just download the Blu TPMS app onto a smartphone. The app keeps track of the pressure of each tire and the temperature in real time. The sensors will send you push notifications when the pressure deviates from your predefined settings in the app.

We have been running these for a few months and have found it a very handy system that works just as good as Blu said it would. The future is here, brothers and sisters. And it is making every ride a safe and good one. HB