Blackout Bagger, Part 2

De-chroming of a Road King

  1. With a fresh set of blacked-out wheels, the bearings had to be reinstalled and tires remounted. Take precaution to make sure the bead sets since the surface of the wheel may have changed with the powder.
  1. Next, the forks were rebuilt with the fresh black parts installed. Now’s a good time to upgrade your cartridge kit if so desired.
  1. Ding dong. The new black fork leg bells go in first before installing the forks.
  1. The blacked-out forks look absolutely trick like a pair of dark clubs.
  1. We added a Klock Werks Benchmark front fender for a cleaner, more sculpted look. New brackets need to be installed to mount to the stock mounts.
  1. For that added bit of cool factor, a Klock Werks Flush-Mount Axle replaced the stock assembly.
  1. The rear bag brackets were reassembled and installed and disappear onto the denim paint.
  1. After pressing in new bearings, the rear pulley was mounted to the rear wheel.
  1. Rather than reuse the stock rear shocks, we added a new pair from Pro-Action that are both adjustable and perform better.
  1. The primary cover was next in line. This was one of the biggest bangs for the buck for the dark treatment.
  1. The points and transmission covers were next to go on.
  1. Before reinstalling the derby cover don’t forget to add back the oil that was lost when removing the primary.
  1. The pushrods and pushrod covers go next. Make sure and use the correct length rod for the intake or exhaust.
  1. The stock wires were fished through a set of Spooky Fast bars. Thankfully the bars were not much taller than stock and extensions weren’t necessary.
  1. A Screamin’ Eagle fly-by-wire throttle cable was used (not shown), and a new set of grips from the H-D Parts & Accessory counter gave it that little bit of H-D touch.
  1. After relocating a few wires, the bars were set into place. The 2015 Road Glides have an extra dowel that limits the amount of back-and-forth adjustments.
  1. Thankfully our stock cables could be reused without causing any problems with the turning.
  1. After reinstalling all the control connectors, the dash and key assembly was put back together.
  1. Before installing the H-D Chopped Tour-Pak with premium lining, we had to install the brackets, in black of course.
  1. The taillight and license plate assembly looked great powdercoated and was next to go on.
  1. Up front, the blacked-out crashbar was put back in place.
  1. After reinstalling the foot bracket assembly, we replaced the stock floorboards, shifter peg, and brake pedal with some serrated units from Joker Machine.
  1. Rather than replace the restrictive stock exhaust, we went with a new black system from Vance & Hines. Don’t worry; those shiny headers will soon disappear.
  1. Next, the mufflers slid onto the Vance & Hines headers and bolted into place.
  1. The Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 couldn’t have been easier to install. We just plugged the unit into the HD-LAN connector, and that’s it! Done with the hardware side. We’ll do a full test/tech on the software side of this revolutionary product.
  1. Black covers hide all the chrome headers. Be sure and pre-fit everything before making any final tightening.
  1. The gas tank and intake go on next, and the project begins to resemble a motorcycle once again.
  1. We upgraded the dash with a Klock Werks Curvaceous Metal Dash for a smoother, cleaner profile.
  1. Speaker covers go on next. It is also a great time to upgrade your audio equipment if desired.
  1. We replaced the stock windscreen with a Klock Werks Sport Flair unit. The windscreen is probably one of the best and easiest upgrades to do.
  1. A set of Joker Machine mirrors replaced the stock rabbit ears.
  1. Chrome Tour-Pak latches just didn’t go with our blacked-out theme, so we replaced them with black units from Harley-Davidson.
  1. Finally, a Danny Gray Tourist 2-Up Air-2 Seat went on to help ease the miles.

Skill Level: Advanced

As with a good military recruit, after you break them down, you must build them back up. After getting all our goodies back for our 2015 Road Glide from Specialized Coating, Huntington Beach Harley-Davidson had to put our project blackout bagger back together. Along the way we added a handful of goodies from Klock Werks, Joker Machine, Spooky Fast, Vance & Hines, Danny Gray, Pro-Action, and the H-D P&A catalog.



Huntington Beach Harley

Danny Gray

Klock Werks

Spooky Fast

Vance & Hines


Joker Machine

Specialized Coating