Blacked Highlight Accessories

Covington Cycles City Parts

1. Here are all the Covington Cycles City black parts, fork bells, axle covers, brake pedal, dash insert and gas fill door, license plate frame, derby cover, points cover, passenger pegs, shifter pegs, bag latch covers, and master cylinder lid.

2. Here is the left side of the bike.

3 Bag Latch Covers, $240.95. There are two screws on the front, and the bolt for the lock latch and the covers were installed.

4 Passenger Pegs, $169.95 To install the pegs, the c-clip was removed from the hinge pin, and then we replaced the H-D peg with the new CCC passenger peg and reinserted the pin and c-clip.

5 Derby Cover, $149.95. There are five screws that were removed. A new O-ring gasket was used when the new cover was installed.

6 Shifter Pegs $40.95 Each. To install the shift pegs, we simply unbolted the Allen head bolt in the stock peg and reinstalled into the countersunk CCC peg.

7 Fuel Door, $129.95 And Dash Insert, $99.95. For the dash insert, two small holes were drilled into the top of the stock dash plate. Then the insert was bolted in place. The fuel door has two screws on the spring latch that were bolted to the new CCC fuel door.

8 Here is the right side of the bike.

9 Points Cover, $79.95 The cover has five small screws.

10 Brake Pedal, $69.95 The pedal has a slot that the pedal slides onto, and one bolt on the backside of the pedal to hold it in place.

11 Master Cylinder Lid, $53.95 The cover replaces the stock unit with two screws.

12 Fork Bells, $299.95 To install the fork bells, the wheel, and the lower legs, the fairing and the dash came off the bike to get to the bolts on the top of the stock bells. Once the new CCC bells were bolted in place, all the steps were reversed.

13 Axle Cover, $65.95 There is a small set screw on the axle cover that once the covers are on the axle all we needed to do was tighten down the set screw to hold it in place.

14 License Plate Frame $75.95 This black plate frame simply replaces a stock plate with the four mounting bolts.

Blacked Out
As black becomes the new chrome, we are seeing more and more companies blacking out their parts line, from small covers to full-on frontends. No matter how you look at it, if it's not chrome then it's black to make it look cool. We have been working on a bike that was already getting a color upgrade with the inside of the fairing painted to match the rest of the bike. We added a matching chin spoiler, blacked out the lower legs and the exhaust pipes, and swapped out the stock wheels for a black spoke set. The owner told us how he wanted to get away from the chrome ("everyone has chrome parts," he said), and because the bike is Factory orange, he wanted to go with black accent parts. "You know Harley-Davidson is true black and orange."

We felt that all the accessories would look good black. But to pull everything off the bike and send it out to get painted or powdercoated would mean that the bike would be off the road for awhile, which meant no riding, so what could we do? Surfing the web, we came across some cool black bolt-on parts for Road Glides (there are other models, too) from Covington Cycles City called the Black Diamond Edition. There are parts to go on the bike from the frontend to the license plate frame. We stopped off at Horn Cycle Works in Pomona, California, to bolt everything on the bike as we snapped a few photos. The cool thing was that everything bolted right on and the bike was off the road for less than half a day.


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