Biltwell Fuerte and Speedway Shelter | Used and Abused

One helmet for you, another lid for your bike

biltwell el fuerte helmet

El Fuerte

As abused by Jeff G. Holt

**Biltwell **

El Fuerte Helmet

The boys at Biltwell are single-handedly responsible for bringing the 3/4 metalflake helmet back to the masses. However the first generation of its beautiful helmets were non-DOT lids and sorry to say, that didn’t sit well with some law-abiding folks. To help those types of people, Biltwell came out with a DOT version a few years ago, but it was too big and made most riders look like Fred Flintstone’s buddy the Great Gazoo when wearing it. Now after a ton of time in the design lab, Biltwell has come out with a fully-DOT compliant helmet dubbed El Fuerte that fits low and doesn’t look like you are taking the short bus while dawning it. These helmets come in sizes from X-small to XX-large, and just like the Biltwell novelty helmet, the El Fuerte is available in a myriad of both solid and heavy metal bass boat flake, so you can match your machine and/or exercise your personal freedom in a number of ways. On a more serious tip, I have been interchanging between the old novelty helmet and the new DOT El Fuerte to find the real differences. After many miles swapping from lid to lid, I have found the El Fuerte to only be slightly heavier and a touch taller than the non-DOT model, so I think I’ll be switching to the legal beagle over the old illegal dog full time.

speedway motorcycle shelter

Speed-Way's shelter in action.

As abused by Jeff G. Holt

Speed-Way Shelters

Motorsport Shelter

After looking at a few options, I got a hold of a shelter from Speed-Way Shelters and decided to give it a try. The unit is like an elementdefying tent for your bike. All you have to do to set up the retractable shelter is snap it together (no tools are needed), anchor it to the ground, and you are ready to ride your bike into this clamshell-like apparatus. The Shelter is constructed of high-density polyester that is water and UV protected with a powdercoated frame for corrosion resistance. To temper the heat from a hot motorcycle, the shelter also has ventilation windows that can be fully adjusted or closed altogether when it rains or snows. The shelter is available in two sizes: one for cruisers and one for touring bikes and both come with internal LED lights for those late night storage sessions. I have used my Speed-Way Shelter for a few months now and it has seen its fair share of heat and rain and all the while my bike has stayed clean, dry, and in great running condition. I would highly suggest this shelter to anyone wanting to house his or her bike away from the elements.

speed-way motorcycle shelter

Out of sight out of mind (and out of the weather too).

As abused by Jeff G. Holt