World's Fastest Panhead Sportbike

World's Fastest Panhead Sportbike

** Runs D&D Performance Exhaust** D&D Performance Enterprises helped celebrate its 10-year anniversary by sponsoring Bikernet’s world’s-fastest panhead sportbike, called the “Salt Shaker.” Bikernet’s pilot, Valerie Thompson, set a new national record of 141.465 mph during the Bonneville Speed Trials by BUB. As the week progressed, the team ran as fast as 145 mph, putting the Salt Shaker in the record books.

To support Bikernet and the 5 Ball Racing team, D&D Performance Exhaust produced a stepped pipe design that starts out at 1-3/4 inch and increases to 1-7/8 to 2 inches and flares into a 2-1/8-inch outlet pipe diameter. The design of the land-speed racing pipe was integral to the performance of the Accurate Engineering panhead high-performance engine.

“We couldn’t have done it without D&D,” explained Keith “Bandit“ Ball, owner of “Dave Rash, president of D&D Performance Enterprises, consulted with Berry Wardlaw of Accurate on the design and flow of the heads to come up with the best possible formula.”

The Salt Shaker racebike is a John Reed–designed Custom Chrome sportbike chassis, powered by an Accurate Engineering 120-inch panhead engine, D&D Performance Exhaust LSR pipes, Baker six-speed transmission, and BDL beltdrive. The world’s first and fastest panhead sportbike was constructed by Bandit and John VanTrump in the Bikernet Headquarters. The entire chassis is Custom Chrome with the exception of a La Pera seat.

For 2007, Bandit is optimistic, saying, “We want a open-chassis panhead to slip through the traps at over 200 mph.”