2005 Firefighter Special Edition

Obviously, when you see a decked out Bagger, in full firefighter getup, you assume it must be a Fireman onboard. Not the case with Eban Salazar, who started riding Harley's about eight years ago. Eban went through what all new riders do; he had growing pains, he straddled quite a few different Harley's over the years. Finally, one day he had an epiphany, “I was riding back from AspenCash bike run in Ruidoso, New Mexico on my ‘92 Softail Custom. Even though I really enjoyed everything about this bike, from the paint to all the accessories, I started thinking it was time to get a little more comfortable ride out of my Harley.”

The 1992 Softail was traded in for a 2005 Firefighter Special Edition. These special edition bikes were originally built by HD as a response to the September 11, 2001

2005 Firefighter Special Edition. These special edition bikes were originally built by HD as a response to the September 11, 2001

attacks to pay tribute to the Fireman, many of whom risked their lives aiding victims of the attacks, on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Harley donated a few motorcycles and then a slew of requests for these motorcycles came in. They quickly made the decision to offer a limited amount available for purchase.

From the factory the motorcycle's design was similar to those manufactured by Harley for law enforcement officers, which have been available since 1987. They featured a solid scarlet red paint scheme with double gold pinstripes and Harley-Davidson chrome treatment.

But this fiery red bike isn’t factory anymore. It did start its life as a stock 2005 Fireman Special Road King but Eban decided to take his ride to the next level. In a build that would take over a year, the result is the ”El Fuego” you see.

“After a year of riding the Road King stock, I decided to make this Fireman Special different than the rest. I wanted the bike close to original but tricked out at the same time "Deluxe to the Max" ” explained Eban.

Unable to complete his vision himself, he traveled the highways of Texas looking for the right builder to help make his vision come to fruition. Enters Juan Jr. of Lubbock Custom Cycles (LCC) and his team of fabricators and painters. Ebans vision was moving from a thing of dreams to hard metal.

“First we started with the back end by molding the back rear fenders and making a flush custom license plate mount.” explains Eban. We also didn’t want to use a rear fender cover so we went with a used fender extension. “I wanted a tail light similar to a Street Glide, so Juan cut the fender extension and a tail light to fit just right.” That light now serves a dual purpose as a running and brake light.

The signal lights were removed and mounted on the frame near the sissy bar mounts. Custom signal light covers were made for both the signal lights and then in stepped North Quality Chrome with some fresh rechroming.

The saddlebags were stretched and to spice things up, the exhaust system was modified to fit in the middle of each of the saddlebags. Juan Sr., who is Lubbock Customs Painter, molded the saddlebags to fit around the fishtail exhaust. Next they moved on to the gas tank. “I wanted the tank stretched and Juan took it further and stretched the tanks all the way down to the side panel.” recalls Eban.

It then got a set of Trinity Wheels to make the bike look even cleaner. A pair of HHI Brakes to help it stop and a set of Smooth Bagger lower legs. They decided to move the seat. “LCC built a custom seat pan then they sent it out to Cactus of Wicked Cactus Leather where my favorite pair of alligator boots came from. I had them match the hide on those boots and make me my own custom seat, passenger pad and sissy bar pad.” To make the ride more comfortable we installed a set of 16" Apes with internal wiring and all stainless steel cables Ebans demand for sound while riding, led to the custom billet dash for his Sirius Radio ironically that also came in handy to hold the switches for the baggers air ride suspension. To get the sound out, they used The Sound of Chrome speakers and mounted them on the crash bar.

Lastly, the paint work. “I still wanted to keep it some what original, so we color matched the original fire engine red. Once it was painted my little brother hand drew my custom stickers for my gas tank. Once the bike was finished we named the bike "El Fuego".

Once the bike was finished we named the bike "El Fuego".

I would love to end this story with this bike finished and Eban riding off into the sunset for eternal bliss with his new ride. Well, he did for awhile but as fate would have it, a hail storm moved in and the bike was left away from home for the evening..... When Eban arrived the following day, the bike was stolen. Luckily for us, this build will not go unnoticed...Rest in Peace “El Fuego.”