Viper Motorcycle Company: Diamondback

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Viper Motorcycle Company: Diamondback - Hot Bike Magazine

While Batman might split the cool, damp Gotham nights on his hi-tech, bubble butt (and front) Batpod, we see Superman seeking a more sophisticated and refined two-wheeled mode of transportation. Sure he has the power of flight, but why fly when he could ride this Super Cruiser from Viper Motorcycle Company?

Initiating it's own new Super Cruiser segment into the V-twin industry, Viper proclaims its bikes represent unmatched power combined with ride and overall performance. Currently Viper only offers this pro-street Diamondback model; a stretched-out Mamba model is due out soon. Eighty-percent of the Diamondback is comprised of proprietary parts designed and manufactured by Viper; the remaining parts were carefully selected and resourced from some of best manufacturers in the industry. Billet, carbon fiber, high quality, and distinction often come with a price tag, and unless Superman was knocking over banks in his spare time, he'd have a hard time making the $37,995 nut with Clark Kent's reporter salary (take it from us we know what they make). While the sleek Super Cruiser would make anyone kryptonite-green with envy, the Diamondback may be more geared towards more affluent customers with a wad of discretionary income. For those who like their fun in threes, Viper will be offering the first ever hi-po trike on the floors of its 20-plus national dealers later this year.

Billet Bullet
Built by IndyCar, Formula One, and MotoGP engine supplier Ilmor Engineering, the 152ci all-billet short stroke (4 3/8 stroke x 4 11/16 bore) Viper engine produces 144 lb-foot of torque at 3,000 rpm. According to Viper, the "Hemi" head design utilizes twin plug firing generating 20 percent less heat than the competition, (whomever they consider that to be?). Best of all, it's been kissed by the EPA.

No Numb Numb
To help reduce vibration and the associated numbness that comes from miles of riding, the drivetrain utilizes Vipers proprietary engine vibration damping system, which employs rubber pucks to dissipate vibration. Viper says it can chase the vibration/and or move it in order to deliver a smooth ride all through the power curve by the different durometer (a measurement of hardness) specifications of the pucks.

Viper's proprietary Rigid Drive System is comprised of a front pulley system with a rubber puck inside that absorbs and reduces the ratcheting effect of the driveline and ensures long belt life.

All Good
The fenders and center shroud (under seat) are comprised of carbon fiber. To accommodate for riders of various statures, the foot controls are Viper's proprietary Adjustable Lower Controls. Up front is a Marzocchi Inverted adjustable frontend while out back is Viper's proprietary swingarm and On-the-Fly Adjustable Air Ride System.

Just the Facts
Engine: **152ci Viper
**Trans: **Baker Six Speed
**Front/Rear Tire:
120/70-21, 260/40-18
Wheelbase: 71 inches
Dry Weight: **610 pounds