Sport Bagger Extraordinaire / 1992 Harley-Davidson FXRS

Danny Gorman’s G’d-Up FXRS

Over the past 15 years or so I’ve been dealing with FXR fever on and off. Sometimes I get distracted by choppers, and sometimes a Dyna will grab my attention for a while. As of late it’s Road Glides, but I always have FXR ideas in the back of my head.

I’m always on the hunt, looking for a clean, unmolested FXR for a project, and my friends at Ghetto Choppers Customs in Oceanside, California, found a clean, yet non-running, 1992 FXRS project that was calling my name. Ghetto Choppers is owned by two FXR gurus, Tim and Chris. Sometimes when I have time I’ll help them sell bikes, parts, or anything else they need in exchange for deals on anything I need for my personal bikes. One day they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse for the FXRS, and once the deal was done we immediately made a parts list to get the project rolling. The bike already had some nice go-fast parts that came with it. Tim went through the Evolution motor top to bottom and brought it up to 95ci with stage 4 Gerolomy heads. It’s nasty. To put it lightly, it’ll give any built Twin Cam-med FXR a run for its money.

Getting power out of the mill and onto the road is a reworked and balanced five-speed transmission with undercut gears and a Bandit clutch that shifts as smooth as butter. As for the handling of this bike, there were no shortcuts taken. I run Works Performance shocks on the rear of all my bikes. Up front we went with Race Tech Gold Emulators with +4 fork tubes and the mandatory Speed Merchant fork adjusters. In my opinion FXRs handle perfect when they are a little bit front-end high, so this combo feels perfect.

This bike is a blast to ride, It has a timeless style to it, it’s fun as hell to ride, and, most importantly, it is reliable

Somewhere in Oceanside there is a legendary secret attic filled with rare FXR, FXRP, and FXRT parts. Out of that stash we were able to grab a mint-condition FXRP fairing still in the box, a set of Ness side covers, and a rare Corbin Warbird chin spoiler/fairing. Off to paint they went while other necessary parts were at the chrome shop. When the fairing came back from paint, Ghetto installed the high-quality German Maestro sound system, Clear View short windshield, and a set of PIAA off-road lights and rock guards.

Wanting to keep the bike looking lean and clean, I decided to go with Leather Pros T-Sport bags instead of a set of stock police bags. Another one of my favorite details about the bike is the old worn Corbin Gunfighter seat that I got from my friend a while back and waited for the right bike to put it on. Most people would send a seat in this condition back to Corbin to get restored and recovered, but I prefer it just the way it is: well worn.

This bike is a blast to ride. It has a timeless style to it, it’s fun as hell to ride, and, most importantly, it is reliable. I’d ride this bike across the country without thinking twice. Come to think of it, you might see this bike in NYC in September.

Bike Owner Danny G.
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Year/Make/Model 1992/H-D/FXR
Fabrication time 1 year
Year Manufacturer 1992/H-D/95ci
Builder Ghetto Choppers
Cases Delkron
Cylinders Schumacher Racing
Heads BC Gerolomy
Rocker Boxes H-D
Cam Holy Shit Cams
Carb TK
Air Cleaner H-D
Exhaust Thunderheader
Year/Manufacturer/Type Andrews close ratio 5-speed
Gears Backcut
Clutch Bandit race
Primary Drive H-D
Year/Type ’92/H-D
Rake/Stretch Stock
Front End Speed Merchant/Race Tech
Length +4 in.
Triple Trees Speed Merchant
Swingarm Bling Bling
Rear Shocks Works
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Manufacturer Front/Type H-D/19x2.25
Tire/Size Metzeler 19x90
Front Brake H-D
Manufacturer Rear/Type H-D/16x3.5
Tire/Size 16x4
Rear Brake H-D
Paint/Graphics H-D
Plating/Polishing Ghetto Choppers
Fairing FXRP
Handlebars FXR Division
Hand Controls H-D
Foot Controls H-D
Taillight H-D
Seat OG Corbin Gunfighter
Stereo Loud. Very Loud.